The 5 healthy food swaps that ANYONE can do.

New year, new you… right?! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of declaring your newfound healthy self in the first couple of week of January each year, only to binge one day, give up and vow to be healthy NEXT YEAR.

I’ve watched it happen to countless friends (including myself) and it’s just not viable. Why do we bother to make these grand declarations only to each and every year not stick to them? When you make a new year resolution, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Unless it’s a solid goal that you’ve put time and effort into planning, you should prepare yourself for the inevitable – that it just won’t stick.

The easiest way to begin your healthy lifestyle, is to JUST DO IT. Stop worrying about whether you’ll be perfect, and just give it a go. Ease yourself into it, and tackle each problem as you face it. If you’re not ready to launch yourself head first into green smoothies, kale salads & acai bowls yet, don’t fear – this is where our friendly food swaps come into play.

By swapping these 5 simple foods you’ll find you’re fuller for longer, your skin begins to glow and your sugar cravings will subside.



Most muesli bars are LOADED with unnecessary sugars, flavouring and just crap in general. Try swapping them for a small handful of almonds for the same protein hit – they’ll keep you fuller for longer and will give you the hit of healthy fats that are essential in your diet.


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Let’s be real here… if you’re just making small swaps to begin with, bread is REALLYYYYYY difficult to give up. Especially if you’re like my former self, a very well-known breadaholic. Not only is rye bread higher in fibre (hello healthy digestive system!), studies have shown that it will keep you fuller for longer too.



The harsh reality is that a single tub of fruit yoghurt can contain up to SIX teaspoons of sugar – you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! Greek yoghurt is lower in sugar, and higher in protein. If you’re still craving the fruity taste, add real fruit – I love to top mine with fresh berries and coconut flakes.




I know, I know. I almost cried when I wrote this too, but the evidence is just too damn solid to ignore. Wine can contain above 150 calories per glass (especially if you love a sweet wine like moscato!) whereas spirits like vodka contain just 60 calories per serve. Now, unless you’re looking to get wasted, you’re not going to drink vodka on it’s own. Pair it with soda water a squeeze of fresh lime for the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up.



I’ll admit, I’m an absolute sucker for chips. I could sit down and eat a whole bag of sweet chilli chips in 5 minutes if I really put my mind to it. The easiest (and healthiest) swap is popcorn. A quarter of the calories and almost no fat, plain popcorn still provides that oh-so satisfying crunch that you’ve been looking for. Top with cinnamon for sweet, or chilli flakes and salt for a real kick. 


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What is your favourite healthy food swap? I'd love to know some of yours x