My experience with cryolipolysis.

Disclaimer: I was not paid at all to write this post, but I was given the treatment for free. This has not affected my opinion, views or writing on the topic. The below is all 100% entirely true and is exactly how I have experienced it all.

I’ve always, always been extremely self conscious of my hips and stomach. As a woman, it comes naturally to most to be aware of their hips, but for me it was next level. No matter how much cardio, weights training and dieting I did, I could never shake that last little inch or two of fat off of my hips or stomach.

I began to research my options, and that’s when I stumbled across Body Catalyst and the process of Cryolipolysis. The easiest way to explain it, is your fat is basically frozen off and dies over three months.

According to their website:

“Crylipolysis is the nonsurgical alternative to liposuction, commonly known as fat freezing. It is a scientifically proven controlled cooling technique, which crystallises fat cells to the point of elimination. Over a period of two to three months, these crystallised fat cells diet off and naturally eliminate from you body. Cryo is the latest in body sculpting and has been scientifically proven to reduce fat in treated areas by 20-30%.”

 With that said, I was still sceptical about the entire process. But, I decided to cast my scepticism to the side and give it a go – the worst that could happen was I just wouldn’t lose any fat, right?!

I booked in with Amy, and away we went. When I got there, I was welcomed with a massive smile and walked into the consulting/treatment room. We chatted about what my goals were, what I wanted to achieve and the reality of what could happen in three months. Amy was completely transparent when it came to the entire process, and let me know that I could lose up to 30% of the fat that was frozen during the treatment.

She quickly took a couple of before photos ( WHY DID I WEAR PUG UNDERWEAR OH MY LORD), measurements and then settled me down into a lying position on a comfortable chair. She then pulled out the machine itself, which I’d describe as two suction cups that basically vacuum up your fat, and then freeze it to -6 degrees celsius.


It was only freezing for about 1-2 minutes, as the freezing feeling quickly faded as the area just became numb. I legit laid there for an hour, chatting to Amy about nutrition, life and then had a cheeky snooze for the last 10 minutes. The entire process was so painless and easy, I was shocked when she let me know an entire hour had passed already.

Amy slowly took off the suction caps, and the fat that was frozen was now completely numb and red. She massaged it for a few minutes, and reassured me that it would be back to normal within a few hours. It was honestly back to normal in an hour!

After the treatment Amy let me know that the more exercise I did, and the better I ate, the more awesome the results would be. I ended up getting two treatments in total at the Body Catalyst – one for my stomach and one for my love handles.

For the next three months, I trained REALLY hard at my local F45 in Surry Hills. I did try to eat healthy, but going through a recent breakup I found myself out and about a lot, eating lots of fatty foods and consuming way too much alcohol.

Well, after waiting for 12 weeks I had my follow up appointment with Amy last night, and I am SO EXCITED TO SHARE MY RESULTS BELOW:


HIPS              101cm --> 96cm                5cm loss

STOMACH      100cm -->  91.5cm            8.5cm loss

WAIST             83.5cm --> 79cm             4.5cm loss

UPPER WAIST 82cm --> 76cm               6cm loss


I KNOW – INSANE RIGHT?! Again, I do want to highlight that this loss was in conjunction with intense training at F45. I’ve also attached a photo below to show you the difference, that I am so bloody proud of.


Would I do cryo again? You betcha. It may be expensive, but if you’re at the stage where you can’t shake off that pocket of fat around your stomach or hips, then it’s an investment that will pay off. Your self esteem will improve, you’ll be proud to wear a bikini and feel comfortable in your own skin.  I will emphasise one more time - this isn't a magic fix. These photos were taken three months apart and involved 8 weeks of intense training at F45 Surry Hills as well. They both equally played  a massive part in my transformation.