Fit is the new fashion!

It’s no secret that being fit and healthy is the latest trend to hit Sydney’s shores, but did you know that fit has become the new fashion?

Women everywhere are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on clothes to sweat, run and do yoga in.  The women’s activewear market is big in Australia, especially with top brands like Lorna Jane and Nike. Did you know that one piece of Lorna Jane activewear is sold roughly every 19 seconds?!

Since Lorna Jane was founded in 1990, the label has expanded to 120 stores in Australia, and over 1000 employees with an annual turnover of $110 million.
Sportswear was once only aimed at men, but women’s activewear is growing faster than the entire fashion industry put together.

The popular brands use slogans such as “Move, Nourish, Believe” and “just do it” to sell not only their product, but the lifestyle that comes with it.

These brand mottos have a fanatical following of lycra-lovers, who constantly rave about the latest colour of leggings released or the different fabric used for the latest singlet.

While these lavish pieces of fitness fashion are adored women across the country, not everyone can afford them. Big chain variety stores like Big W, Target and K-mart have begun to introduce their own activewear ranges, which are proving to more popular than ever.

Miss E.

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