Five habits at the gym you NEED to break

We are all guilty of it – wasting time at the gym, snapping pictures of ourselves (guilty!) or taking a really good look at some of our fellow gym buddies. Despite some of these being quite innocent, there are really a few habits that you should drop at the door of the gym. How many of these are you guilty of?

1. Just doing cardio. Yes, cardio is great for you… but so is lifting weights! I’m so sick of hearing women say “oh no, I don’t want to get ‘big”, you won’t get ‘big’ from lifting weights, you’ll get BIG from eating cupcakes! Lifting weights can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re faced with complicated-looking machines and intimidating bulky men – but persevere, I promise it will be worth it! If you’re really confused at the gym, just ask! Staff and personal trainers will be super happy to help, or go one step further and ask someone who looks like they know what they’re doing! They will be most likely be honoured, and more than willing to help you out!

2. Having bad form. This definitely relates to the above point, don’t just ‘teach’ yourself an exercise, make sure you are doing it correctly! It can be devastating to see someone proud that they can squat 80kg, and you have to be the person to point out they’re doing it all wrong and they are injuring themselves! ASK people for help


3. Judging other people. It really helps no one, unless your self-esteem is so warped seeing a larger person on a treadmill makes you feel good! Everyone in that gym is working on a better version of themselves, and you are no different.  Next time you see someone struggling in the gym, whether it be with lack of motivation or cluelessness, go and help them!

4. Doing the same workout every day. This can be so tiresome, and really put you off going to the gym! Try taking a new class, or using an app to help inspire you. I LOVE the Nike Fitness Club app, as it provides you with a heap of different exercise routines, shows you how to do them and physically talks to you!

5. Spending too much time in the gym. I personally think one hour is MORE than enough at the gym! In that time you can burn around 500 calories, which is the perfect amount of time/energy used. People can get caught up in how long they are at the gym, doing pointless sets of weights that are far too light. If you are in physical pain, STOP. If you are completely breathless, TAKE A BREAK. If you are trembling uncontrollably, RELAX. Physical exercise is so incredibly good for you, but if you push yourself to the point of no return, the consequences can be devastating.