A Guide to Windermere.

If you're visiting the Lake District, Windermere was my favourite place we visited. From the beautiful inner town to the outlying suburb of Newby Bridege, there is something to do and see everywhere you go. 


PLAY: TreeTop Trek

I LOVE anything that is a challenge, and when I was offered the chance to experience the Treetop Trek in Windermere I couldn’t say no. Set high above the trees with 360 degree views of the beautiful surroundings, Tree Top Trek is an absolute must-do for anyone that is an adrenaline junkie like myself.

The obstacles were mid-range challenging, loads of fun and suitable for most ages. They required a LOT of balance, confidence and a healthy dose of trust in the harnesses that we were set up in. Our guide (Sarah), was brilliant, and gave us a great lecture on safety at Treetop Trek and what to do in case of an emergency. She gave us a few sneaky hints about a couple of the more challenging obstacles, and I really enjoyed listening to her.

The best part about the Treetop Trek was easily the final flying fox, which was over XXm and one of those ‘I can’t believe this is real life’ moments. I’m not afraid of heights (at all), but when that drawbridge came down to reveal the gigantic leap we would have to take my heart was beating through my chest. However, as soon as we leapt it was like nothing else, and I’d highly recommend Treetop Trek as a great experience for the entire family. 

EAT: Flying Pig

After we’d flown through the air at Treetop Trek, we were HANGRY. I could have eaten a horse (no pun intended), but when we arrived out the front of the Flying Pig I was blown away.

The décor was divine, and the outside of it was beautiful enough to make me completely forget about my appetite (which never, ever happens!). Once we were in, it was even better… though we didn’t think that was actually possible!  

The warm environment was extremely welcoming, and the staff made us feel right at home instantly. The menu was expansive and the options a’plenty, causing us to uhm and ah for ages about what we really wanted. I ended up deciding on the chicken pie and Jamie went for the steak, but of course we had to share an entrée first. We chose the goats cheese and tomato on sourdough, and talk about #foodieheaven.

Not only was the plating up absolutely gorgeous, but the food was easily Masterchef worthy. Everything was cooked to perfection and you bet we finished every last scrap of food. We also decided to go for the house wines, and I can report I’ve never had a better Pinot Grigio than at the Flying Pig.

It’s location is in the middle of Windermere, making it super accessible and even better; it’s a one minute walk from the car park! I’d highly recommend the Flying Pig for anyone that is after a traditional English feed that goes above and beyond than anything you’d ever expect!



STAY: Swan Hotel

Oh my lord. That’s all I can say about this divine hotel. As this trip was partially organised for us by Lake District PR, I had no idea what to expect. Having just come from a 10 bed hostel in central London, we had no expectations. Heck, a prison cell would have been better than what we’d faced for the last week and a half.

When we arrived at the Swan Hotel and Spa in Newby Bridge, I’m not even embarrassed to say I shed a little tear. There was the complete and utter relief of having my own bedroom, but words can’t really explain what beheld us when we opened the doors to what can only be described as HEAVEN.

Again, the Swan Hotel and Spa really does deserve it’s own review (I could write an entire essay on it), so please feel free to click HERE to read a full, comprehensive review on this divine property.