PLAY: Glacier Snowmobiling with Arctic Adventures Review

When I was younger,  I was in a pretty major accident involving a go-kart, too much confidence and not enough safety gear. I’ve always been a big believer in facing your fears, and for me that was basically anything smaller than a car with an engine. When the opportunity came up to go snowmobiling across Langjokull glacier in Iceland with Artic Adventures, I couldn’t say no.

Glacier Snowmobile Arctic Adventures

Sure, I was terrified but meeting our wonderful guides and seeing how much they stressed about safety and making sure we felt comfortable made the entire experience magical.

We were picked up outside our hotel, and had approx. a one hour drive to the Arctic Adventures office near the glacier. We then got kitted up into overalls, gloves, protective helmets and balaclavas. Once we were all dressed and ready to go, we were ushered into the epic monster truck that would take us up to the snowmobiles. What an insanely FUN ride that was; I was already satisfied with the trip and we hadn’t even begun the snowmobiles!


Once our epic guide had navigated through the icy terrain, we got out of the monster truck and had a lesson on how to drive the snowmobiles, what to do in case of an accident and so much more. We started our engines (we were all in a line) and begun; and that’s when I began to panic.

The snowmobiles aren’t difficult to drive at all, but the very purr of the engine made me shake with fear and have a mini anxiety attack. I pulled over to the side, and the gorgeous guide, Martina, came over to console me. She told me many people freaked out at the start, and that she would be right behind me the whole time. She would look after me, and I could go at my own pace and she wouldn’t leave me.


As I started my engine again, I felt a tiny bit better knowing she was behind me. You know what? After another couple of slow minutes and trying to find my feet, I ended up LOVING it. Once you’ve mastered the turning (think motorbike style), snowmobiles are insanely fun. I ended up catching up to the group and having the absolute time of my life.


The scenery was so breath taking that you had to pinch yourself to really believe you were there, and the guides really did go above and beyond for us. We had a full hour of snowmobiling, which might not sound much but oh boy, it felt like it went forever.


Snowmobiling with Arctic Adventures in Iceland was my favourite activity we did, because it helped me to conquer a major fear and see so much more of this magical country. I’d highly recommend it, and if you’re frightened of going solo there are double options so you can get the best out of both worlds!

Ellie ParkerComment