PLAY: Into the Blue Snorkelling with Arctic Adventures Review

Snorkel Silfra with Arctic Adventures (meet in Pingvellir National Park)

Snorkelling is a beautiful way to explore a country’s wildlife and unique water flora, but in Iceland it’s something different altogether. Firstly, the water is absolutely freezing. At a chilly 2 degrees Celsius, snorkelling isn’t for the faint hearted.

Silfra Diving Arctic Adventures

Don’t fear; you’ll be given a dry suit that will you keep you super dry and most importantly, not freezing! The only parts of you that will get wet are your hands and head, but you won’t notice because you’ll be too hypnotised by the absolute stunning landscape around you.

Arctic Adventures Snorkelling Into the Blue

We chose to go snorkelling with Arctic Adventures as they were super affordable and had great reviews. Our guides, Nick and Ron, were absolutely wonderful, and gave us clear instructions on what to do in an emergency, signals to use and helped us put on our rather form fitting dry suits.

Arctic Adventures Into the Blue Snorkelling

The water was stunningly cold, but after a couple of seconds you got your breath back and the magic began. We slowly floated/kicked our way through Silfra, which is located between two tectonic plates. Here’s a little bit more about it from

“The Silfra fissure is one of Iceland’s most desirable snorkeling spots. Located in the heart of Thingvellir national park, this narrow channel of blue water meandering through a giant lava field does not look like much on the surface. But below, supernatural shades of blue, perfect visibility and incredible rock formations make up a magical sub-aquatic paradise."

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If you’re thinking about going snorkelling in Silfra with Arctic Adventures, I can’t recommend it more. Make sure you wear an under layer to wear underneath your dry suit, and bring a positive attitude. If you’ve got a go-pro, I’d also really recommend doing that as the colours underwater are just stunning.

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