What is the best gym in London? Introducing F45 Farringdon.

Hi, my name is Ellie and I'm a new-exercise-class-aholic. I’m not lying when I say I’ve tried EVERY type of exercise under the planet:

-       Crossfit

-       Bootcamp

-       Regular gym classes

-       Les Mills

-       Kayla Itsines

-       Ashy Bines

-       RPM

This list could go on forever, as my endless quest for new exercise classes that actually work felt like it would. 

You name it, I’ve probably tried it. When a friend first introduced me to F45 back in Australia, I quickly fell in love with the concept. I recently made the move to London, and I was petrified that they wouldn’t have F45, as it’s originally an Australian concept that is slowly spreading across the world.

When I went searching, I was lucky enough to discover F45 Farringdon, run by Aussie Nick Robinson. I went in for a trial class with a girlfriend from work (Sue, you’re a legend!) and I was SOLD.

F45 Farringdon

F45 Farringdon is like no other F45 studio I’ve ever been in before. It’s always immaculately clean, the trainers are the friendliest lot on earth and the facilities are world class. GUYS, for those who have been to a few F45 studios you’d be able to resonate with this; there have blowdryers, straighteners, shampoo AND conditioner! The most accommodating F45 studio I’ve ever been in.

If you’ve never done F45 or you’re not familiar with the concept, you’re missing out. I’m not exaggerating this when I say it’s the most addictive, results-based and fun workout you’ll EVER do. I wake up every morning pumped because I know I’m about to get my butt kicked, and because it just works.

F45 Farringdon


F45 globally does the F45 Challenge that runs for 8 weeks a few times a year, and if you’ve been thinking about joining I’d say the challenge alone is reason enough. It includes an incredible meal plan, and you’re working out daily with people who are extremely motivated? Don’t believe me? Check out the female winner of the Global Challenge for 2017 – that was all achieved in 8 weeks.

F45 Global Challenge Winner



I can’t really emphasise how much F45 will change your life. Whenever I’m feeling anxious (which tends to a real lot lately), there are very few things that help. One thing that does help is exercise, and F45 Farringdon has (unknowingly) gotten me through some of my toughest days here in ol’ London town.

Anyway pals, don’t take it from me; take it from the man of the hour – Nick Robinson. He’s an Australian who used to do F45 at home, and then opened up his own studio right here in Farringdon. I had a quick chat with Nick about everything F45 Farringdon, and asked the questions you all want the answers too.


What is F45?

F45 stands for Functional 45 Minutes. 

 Why should people come to F45?

It’s a great workout that eliminates many of the barriers that people face when wanting to get a workout.  You are literally in and out in 45 minutes and that includes introduction, demonstrations, warm up and a workout that burns between 500 and 800 calories per session. 

 Why is F45 different to a normal gym?

It’s a group personal training workout.  All the exercises are on the screens so it enables the trainers to come and give you that one on one attention throughout the class.  Either to fix your form or to give you a little kick up the ass when you need it. 

What’s so addictive about F45?

Community environment.  Building teams and friendships at the gym.  Relaxed environment and atmosphere yet you are getting the best HIIT workout available.. It’s mainly because of the fact that you will never do the same workout ever, regardless if you came every day for FIVE years.  You are pushed to your limits throughout the 45 minutes, so you don't physically have time to sit around or check your phone....and then you are done. 

Why did you start F45 Farringdon?

I did F45 when I was back in Sydney, just as a customer and fell in love with it. When the opportunity to become an owner/manager with my business partners here, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity and haven't looked back. I’m so happy and proud to be part of such an amazing team and family feel. 

Why is F45 the workout we should ALL be doing?

F45 is the fastest growing gym franchise in the world.  Low impact/High intensity interval training, combing all the muscle groups into a fast, fun save workout, that anyone, any age, any body type, any fitness level can get results from.

P.S Don't be scared to give it a try. I've taken four different friends to sessions now, and they're all absolutely in love with it. It's the most welcoming place on earth with the friendliest trainers ever. Give it a shot! If you're nervous or have questions, please don't hesitate to get in contact and I'll try to help you as best as I can x