How to BEAT your sugar cravings

You’re tired, hangry and craving sugar. It’s 3pm and you’re stuck behind your desk, with the vending machine beckoning you to grab an overpriced, out-of-date Mars bar.

What do you do?

HINT: You don’t give in to your sugar cravings! Let’s talk about sugar, and how our bodies become addicted. A recent study highlighted that the sweet stuff is 8x more addictive than COCAINE. Yep, and we still market this stuff to kids. When you’re craving sugar, it’s really hard to look past the cravings and have a rational mind. I often find myself in this predicament, and hope that my ‘Sugar-Buster snacks’ will help you to curb your cravings too.

Licorice Tea – This is my ABSOLUTE go-to when I’m reaching for the chocolate. It’s great when you aren’t even hungry (just craving sugar) and you just need something to sip on to pass the time. My fav licorice tea is by Pukka and is called Three Licorice Tea. It really is the absolute sweetest tea and always makes me feel naughty when I drink it - even though it's completely guilt free!

Homemade Protein Balls – Regard yourself as a bit of a snacker? Join the club -  so do 96% of the Australian population. The trick is to snack on foods that are full of good fats and give you the mid-day protein hit your body is craving. Try making your own protein balls – they’re cheap to make, good for you and most importantly – are seriously delicious. Need a recipe? Try my No-Bake Peanut Butter Pecan Balls  or my absolute favourite, my Orange & Date Balls .

Carrots & Hommus – If you haven’t tried hommus, you need to buy yourself a ticked and board the hommus-trian because this dip will seriously change your life. I always refused to try it, and one day had major FOMO when I was in India, and everyone was saying it was the best hommus they’d ever had. I tried it, and oh man, LIFE CHANGING. Cut up some carrots the night before work, grab a little tub of hommus (or even better make it yourself) and you’re good to go. When those sugar cravings come, grab your carrrots & magic dip and BAM THE CRAVINGS ARE GONE.

Frozen Grapes – If all else fails and all you can fixate on is that sweet, sugary taste, reach for the frozen grapes. I ALWAYS have a tub of grapes in the freezer, for those emergency-after-dinner-insanely-strong sugar cravings. They always hit the spot and are so damn good. The best thing about it? You only need a few grapes and the cravings disappear. Is it possible for the grapes to turn sweeter when frozen? I'm not sure... but boy do they taste it! 

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