Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse Review

Are you interested in trying a juice cleanse, but don't want to invest quite yet? Let me tell you about my experience with it. The very idea of a juice cleanse has always interested me, and when Urban Remedy Australia offered a free 3 day cleanse, how could I say no?


The rules were simple – drink the provided juices for three days and feel fabulous after! I’ve always thought I have adequate self control, and that sticking to just juice for three days was no biggie.

Has anyone else watched the documentary ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?’. It features a dude in his 40s who only drank juice for 60 days. SIXTY DAYS WITH NO CHEWING FOOD! After watching that, I was hooked.

Surely if he could do it for sixty days, three would be a breeze. Below is an honest recount of how my juice cleanse went, and I hope you enjoy.


Day 1

Waking up, I already feel fabulous. It’s a Thursday which means no work, I have had heaps of sleep and I have the house to myself. Almost running to the fridge, I pull out the first juice of the day. Juice 1 is an antioxidant juice, and is exactly what I needed. Instead of a coffee, this juice has cayenne pepper in it to give you the bounce you need.

With Juice 1 a success, a couple of hours later I reach for Juice 2, which is a super healthy green juice. It’s not as easy to drink, but tastes of health and only motivates me further. I’m surprised at this stage, as normally I’d never be full from a juice for breakfast.

Lunch is a seriously delicious berry smoothie, that is minus the dairy but ALLLL the taste. Feeling pretty dam proud of myself at this point, I go to Juice 4 which is a beetroot concoction. It is seriously beetrooty and I struggle to drink it (I hate beetroot!) but I persevere and it ends up going down easier than I thought.

Juice 5 is another green juice, this time with mint and lettuce. It is definitely the unsweetest juice of the bunch, and I didn’t finish it. I wasn’t really hungry ( at all) and it was hard to drink compared to the rest of the juices.

At this point, I am SERIOUSLY excited for dinner. A Chai Bliss mylk awaits me, and it is so creamy and delicious. Think of an unsweetened chai milkshake – YUM! Whilst my family ate lasagne, I was really surprised to not feel hunger over it, as normally I love lasagne.

The final juice of the day is a real treat, and is called the Turkish Rose. The combination of aloe vera, rose water and apple juice is the best thing I’ve ever drunk. It is light, semi-sweet and tastes like the elixir of life. I go to bed super satisfied, feeling motivated and ready to tackle Day 2.


Day 2

WOAH, I slept in today, by a good two hours - which I never do normally. I feel tired when I wake up, and my stomach is rumbling. The antioxidant juice is really satisfying and seriously the best thing ever as a wake up without the caffeine. The next couple of juices (including the lunchtime smoothie) go down easily, but I start to crave chewing. This juice cleanse is fabulous, because they allow you to have a piece of fruit or vegetable or handful of nuts if you need to. I have 10 almonds and an apple and feel satisfied.

I’m still from my snacks, so slowly sip on the beetroot juice throughout the afternoon and skip the other green juice altogether. I’m tired and I just want to get to that delish Chai Bliss mylk.

I heat it up this time, and oh my lord. It is divine! Really filling and tastes even creamier than last time. I end my day with the divine Turkish Rose and head into bed early (8pm) because I am utterly wiped out.


Day 3

This last day is HARD. All you’re thinking about is chewing food, and you start to crave weird stuff. For me, all I could think about was hommus. I don’t even particularly like it! This must be what pregnancy cravings feel like, but instead they are juice cleanse cravings!

Today I had ALL the juices, but for dinner I also subbed in some homemade zucchini fritters. They had egg, coconut oil and zucchini in them, and I couldn’t resist. Lack of willpower meant I piled my plate high with fritters, but surprisingly I could only eat half of one.

Turns out I wasn’t hungry at all, just missed food. I had my Turkish Rose and went to bed, excited to eat food the next morning.



Here are a few answers to questions I’m sure you have:


Did I see any changes in my body?

Yes! My skin cleared up, and I felt more calm throughout those few days. I also dropped 2kg, but I wouldn’t recommend a juice cleanse as a way to drop weight for the long term. I slept so well during the cleanse, and found myself whilst lethargic at the start, really energetic and ready to tackle the day by the end of it.


Would I do it again?

For sure! I love the idea of customising your own juice cleanse with Urban Remedy, and now that I’ve tried those juices I know the ones I loved! It was a challenge, but I really enjoyed it and would happily attempt it again.


What cleanse did I do?

I was lucky enough to do the Urban Remedy 3 day Soft Cleanse, and it was just fabulous. You can check out their cleanses at www.urbanremedy.com.au and if you use the code ‘drinkitoff’, you’ll be lucky enough to receive 10% of your first 3 day juice cleanse!***


Who should do a juice cleanse?

Anyone that is looking to detox, find their focus or is just interested in what it is like. It’s a great challenge but also really fun.

Is there anything I would change?

Nope. As it allows fruit or veggies as a snack, I think knowing that got me through the cleanse, even if I only utilised it a couple of times. If I do another juice cleanse, I would definitely do it with someone that I lived or worked with. I think it would be great having a friend or partner to motivate you!

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