The Ten Commandments

I may not be religious, but I certainly follow a set of Ten Commandments. These are ten rules that I try to live my life by - great pieces of advice that I've received over the last year that I can truly relate to. By all means, you yourself do not have to swear by these guidelines - think of them more as some handy hints and tips that you could pick up in your every day life.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (health & fitness style!)

1. Drink water - lots of it! Studies have shown that we often mistake thirst for hunger! So next time you think "I know I just ate but I'm stilly hungry", have a big glass of water and wait 20 minutes. Only have something to eat if you are still hungry after then! I try to drink an absolute minimum of 2.5L a day!

2. Sleep, sleep and more sleep - Sleep is so important to our health, and at the very least you should be trying to get 8 hours (preferably 9) of sleep a night! If you're finding that you can't fit it in - change your schedule! Sleep is more important than exercise! (in my opinion!)

3. Surround yourself with supportive friends - You will find throughout your fitness journey people will become distant, not wanting to support or help you. That's ok - it reveals who your true friends are... PLUS you make so many new friends that are interested in fitness and health! Don't have any friends that are into fitness? I AM! I'll be your friend - follow me on instagram @elliegettingfit and I will gladly talk to you and support you.

4. Prepare your meals in advance -  As they say, fail to prepare - prepare to fail! I find planning my meals in advance not only helps me to be organised, but also ensures I don't stray off my plan and cheat! By planning not only your major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) but also your snacks, it makes it impossible to stray from your healthy eating.

5. Choose your attitude - We all have those days where we wake up feeling negative, whether it's due to a lack of sleep or knowing you have an exam that day. There is two ways your day can go - 1. You stay negative all day, not only making your day crap but those around you too, OR 2. You say "stuff this, I'm going to have a GREAT day today!" and you make others around you smile. I really try to see the positives in everything - choose your attitude and you will reap the rewards :)

6.  No excuses - Whether you just can't be bothered or you've run out of time - there are really no excuses to not eat healthy and exercises regularly. You can read more HERE , where I wrote a blog entry on excuses and how to combat them.

7. Variety is the key - To successfully live and breathe this lifestyle, you need to ensure there is plenty of variety with both your diet and exercise. I'm sure we all know, the same exercise and food routine can get boring, and soon we begin to start dreading the thought of a particular workout/meal. I love changing my routines up each week! A great iPhone app I love to use is the Nike Free Training app, which gives you plenty of different routines to do in the gym or at home.

8. Have goals - Write down your goals, wants, dreams - what you want to achieve in your life basically. I love writing down my goals, then writing the small steps it will take to make them a reality. When written down on paper, you really do see that impossible becomes - I'm possible!

9. Fully commit -  As they say, work hard - play hard. You need to commit yourself to this lifestyle, the food, the exercise - everything. Remember your goals you've written down, and keep repeating them to yourself! Consistency is the key!

10. Balance - Remember - everything in moderation (including these commandments) Life is about having fun, not being ruled by calorie counting or macros. Take your time immersing yourself into the lifestyle and remember - you're only human. Everyone stuffs up and the main thing is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

I hope these help someone! Please don't hesitate to comment and tell me what you think of my ten fitness commandments :)

Miss E.