Why is my fitness and health important to me?

This is a question I recently posted on my Instagram, and I was overwhelmed with all the amazing responses I received! Sometimes, we really do need to sit down and ask ourself - Why are we doing this? I've decided to share my answer to this question with you, not only so you can see it - but so I can truthful answer it for myself!

Why is my fitness and health important to me?
- Happiness comes from a healthy lifestyle. It's quite simple - when I'm fit, I am happy! I love being able to wake up and love my body, to be proud of what I have achieved.
- I've seen a countless amount of women and men who have lost an incredible amount of weight, and go on to to compete in various bodybuilding/bikini competitions. It lets me know that although this fitness journey will take time - there is light at the end of the tunnel! You CAN achieve your dream body - all it takes is patience and dedication.
- I love being able to just randomly go for a run, or go hiking. Although this may not seem like a big deal to some of you, for someone that was quite unfit, it's the little things like this that count. The fact that I can keep up with my younger siblings in a game of soccer or run around with my baby cousins continues to delight me every day.
- Being fit and healthy means you're receiving a massive amount of 'good endorphins'. It's the healthy way of getting them - except through the odd chocolate haha! I'm constantly happy, and because of this I have lower stress levels than ever before.
- I want to live to a ripe old age, and watch my grandchildren grow up. By fuelling my body with good, healthy foods and plenty of exercise, it gives me peace of mind. I know I am doing my very best, and that makes me happy!
- To inspire others! I love love love knowing that I have helped to inspire and motivate others to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Helping other people is quite possibly the best feeling on Earth!

These are just a few reasons why I consider my health and fitness so important! If you haven't already answered on Instagram, answer below in the comments box - Why is your fitness and health so important to you?

E xox.