I'm sorry... there is no 'quick cure'. There are no pills or shakes that will make you drop kilograms overnight. It makes me sad to see people constantly searching for the latest craze on how to lose weight. For example, I came across a very disturbing article on the Sydney Morning Herald website.  It's about a new 'miracle' patch that is sewn into your tongue. Quite literally, it forces you to stop eating solid foods as it is too painful. It also affects your speech and sleeping patterns - it makes me sick to think that people are paying $2000 for a painful patch to live off liquid foods, when they could have a much healthier, happier lifestyle if only they were willing to try! You can read the article HERE 

1. DRINK WATER -  I cannot stress this enough. Half the time when we think we are hungry, we aren't! Our constant thirst is masked by hunger, and can confuse us at times. I've started carrying around a 1.5L Mount Franklin bottle, that I make sure I drink two of a day (at least). I find that carrying a water bottle around constantly means I'll always be sipping from it!
2. EAT YOUR VEGGIES - Something your parents probably told you constantly growing up (I know mine did!) There are so many amazing vitamins and minerals in veggies, not to mention their amazing nutritional content! I try to eat the rainbow everyday - lots of different colours! Not only do they fill you up, some veggies actually burn more calories as you consume them than what they are (e.g. broccoli and celery!)
3. ELIMINATE SUGAR - This is probably one of the hardest things to do - eliminate all sugar from your diet... or as much as you possibly can. After reading the book 'Sweet Poison', I wanted to never eat sugar (in particular fructose) again. It will make you re-think just how much sugar you're eating... even fruit!
4. LOVE YOUR EXERCISE - Find something that makes you happy. It could be taking your puppy for a long walk early in the morning, or going to the gym with a few of your friends. Whatever it is, enjoy your exercise! You should never see it as a chore, but rather a fantastic opportunity to have fun and sculpt your body into it's best shape ever!
5. HAVE A GOAL - It's lovely to be healthy and happy, but even more fun when you have goals - and you achieve them! What are you aiming to do? Lose weight, gain muscle? Take measurements that you can compare. Take photos before/after. Just want to be happier and feel healthier? Write a diary each day - see if you can see your mood change throughout the month!

These are just a few basic tips to get started, and they are the things that have truly worked for me. I'm sorry I can't provide you with a  miracle weightloss cure. However, I'm happy to provide you with a lasting solution - hard work and perseverance. 

E xox.