What to look for in a gym.

Now that you've made the commitment to become a healthier, happier version of you, it's time to choose a gym! Now, if you really feel you don't need a gym or are already signed up to a good one, then this post isn't for you. This is for all those girls have no idea what to look for when signing up to a gym. We often get pulled in by promises of 'no joining fee' and 'first month free', but we really need to focus on the facilities at the gym!

1. Designated cardio section - Now most gyms will be great with this aspect! I know my gym has about 40 treadmills (all top of the line) with televisions installed in them - with FOXTEL! I find time flies when I am going for a walk on the treadmill while watching some pointless trashy show like The Kardashians! You need a section that has no weights, and is dedicated purely to cardio. Make sure this section is air-conditioned, as you'll need it!
2. Classes - I absolutely love my classes. From bodypump to cycle classes, these really are a must for girls just starting out. It's a great environment to workout in, and keeps you very motivated. You feel like you just can't fall behind in a big class, as you don't want to stand out! The trainers are often very inspiring and motivating, and the music makes you want to push yourself beyond your own limitations! Try and find a gym that has a wide variety of classes, in lots of different time slots. I like writing up a roster each week and making a commitment to classes - no excuses about not been able to do them!
3. Separate weights sections - Now this is purely opinionated, but I still feel very intimated when training down in the 'mens' section of my gym. They introduced an upstairs weights section, that was mostly directed at women. I love it! I don't feel self conscious at all, and there are also mats, medicine balls and a TONNE of weights to train with!
4. Price -  Gym prices should not be super expensive! As long as it has the basic things as listed above, you shouldn't be paying more than roughly $20 a week! I like to think that the $80 I pay a month is purely for fitness, and that I'm actually rewarding myself by going to the gym! Don't get talked in to paying extra for 'food plans' or 'extra motivation' - ask me any questions and I'll try my best to answer them for you!

Once again, I'm sorry this is such a short post - I'm on holidays at Queensland! Hope you are all healthy & happy! :)

E xox.