What is it like to have eyelash extensions? Lashtastique review.

I’ve always been one of those girls who thought eyelash extensions were way to over the top. Far too expensive, unnecessary and completely self indulgent. OH BOY, I’ve never been more wrong in my entire life.

Whilst I refer to myself as a beauty blogger (sometimes), I really know very little about makeup. Sure, I can whack on a bit of highlighter and a red lippie and look ready to tackle the day, but actually working out how to put false eyelashes on has always been in the ‘too hard’ basket. We’re all familiar with the inevitable struggle; eyelids covered in glue that won’t dry, uneven lashes and that awful moment when you’re out and someone points out that your eyelashes are currently stuck to your cheek.

You know that moment.

After going to the races and ending up almost in tears trying to place false lashes on my lids (because #dramatic), I vowed never to wear them again. Nothing was worth the stress that trying to navigate the world of false lashes brought to me. UNTIL, I met Nestley from Lashtastique. I’d follower her page on Instagram for AGEEEEES, and always ogled over her perfect work. When I approached Netsley for a possible collaboration, she was super excited to learn that I was a ‘lash virgin’, having never had eyelash extensions before.

eyelash extensions lashtastique


I explained that I’d be super honest in my post, and she was even more pleased. When we caught up, we chatted about the ongoing stigma that is attached to having eyelash extensions, and how they simply weren’t true. We began with a lash consultation about what I wanted, which actually came as a bit of shock to me.

Firstly, I had no idea that there was more than one type of lash extension. Heck, it turns out there are SO many different types of lash extensions. Nestley in absolute pro when it comes to all lashes, but Lashtastique specialises in Russian Volume Lashes, as well as their own unique blend of Hybrid Lashes.

My ideal lashes involved something voluminous, messy and low maintenance. I wanted lashes that wouldn’t get in my way, but were still noticeable to other people. What I got was so much more than I ever thought, and I’m here to let you all know that I’ve become a hopeless lash-addict.

Once you go extensions, you never go back. And if you go back, you go to a lash lift because you realise how much your eyelashes really do frame your face.


eyelash extensions lashtastique

The entire application of the eyelash extensions took around 2 hours, and was incredibly (and weirdly!) soothing. The bed/lounge that I lied down on was a massage bed, and it was also heated. I was covered in a blanket and told to just relax for a couple of hours. This resulted in falling asleep with 5 minutes, something I NEVER do. Nestley was incredibly light-handed, and she had to wake me up when she’d finished.

The first time you look at yourself in the mirror with lash extensions, a million different thoughts race through your mind:

“Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

“Am I a supermodel now?”

“Should I offer my services as an eye model?”

“Is this a dream because my eyes look so perfect?”

“Everyone needs to try this ASAP!”

I was expecting to not like them; for some reason I thought I’d hate them. Instead, I really did fall in love with the lashes. They framed my eyes perfectly, emphasising the colour and also making them seem more awake and alert.

eyelash extension lashtastique


Over the next few weeks, I REALLY put the lashes to the test. I wore makeup, drenched my face in water and makeup remover wipes, forgot to brush them (some days) and slept on my side.

I sweated at the gym with them, let eyeshadow fall on them constantly and played with them all the time. Let me tell you; I didn’t do this on purpose to actually test the lashes… I’m just a terrible, lazy person and if they survived the wrath of Elle they’ll 100% survive ANYTHING you throw at them.

eyelash extensions lashtastique

Here are the PROS of having lashes:

  • You don’t need to wear makeup, ever. Even better, when you do wear makeup you look next level. I had people complementing me all day, and no one could put their finger on exactly WHAT was making my skin look so flawless, but they all agreed that it looked almost perfect.

  • Forget mascara. There’s nothing more than satisfying than not having to remove mascara from your lashes every night.

  • You literally feel fabulous all of the time. From when you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, you look like an absolute glamour.

  • I’m not kidding, I think they really lift your self esteem. Even if I was having a horrible hair day or shitty skin, just knowing I had the lashes on made me feel better.

  • It  takes less than a few minutes to get used to them. You don’t feel them or notice them, and they just feel like part of your normal lashes by the end of the day.

Here are the CONS of having lashes:

  • You can’t rub your eyes hard, and if you do you risk loosening the lashes on your eyes. I normally love waking up and rubbing my eyes (despite that it’s not good for the skin under your eyes anyway!) and having lashes meant I was way more cautious of this.

  • One weird thing I found (not necessarily a con) was when I was in a really heavy storm and there was heaps of wind, they really picked up the wind and I felt like I might fly away due to my lashes. It was an odd sensation, but hey; I didn’t lose any lashes!

  • The cost. At the end of the day, lashes are still a luxury that a lot of us can’t afford. HOWEVER, I did some maths and I think I can justify them. The amount you spend on lashes a month (let’s say $120 for infills )is $30 a week…. I often go into Priceline and buy new makeup weekly ( I know, I know… bad habit!) but I didn’t while I had lashes. I also saved loads of time while I was getting ready.

eyelash extensions lashtastique


At the end of the day, getting eyelash extensions is totally a personal thing and comes down to the individual. I personally LOVED having lashes, and when I went and saw Nestley again for infills she said my lashes were in great shape, and that I hadn’t lost any. That was the biggest thing that I was paranoid about, and I’m so glad that all my lashes are still there.

I’d 100% recommend at least trying out lash extensions, and whether you’re a makeup addict or normally can’t be bothered with anything you’ll find that you’ll quickly fall in love with lash extensions. My biggest piece of advice would be to go to a professional. Don’t be tempted to go somewhere cheap, especially for your first time. A good foundation is the most important when it comes to lash extensions, and I couldn’t recommend going to Nestley from Lashtastique enough.

eyelash extensions lashtastiwue

She has an incredible home salon that is in the most stylish, modern apartment you’ve ever seen, and she takes great pride in each and every one of her customers. Her work is seriously enviable amongst the lash technician community and if you’re in Sydney, she’s easily the best lash technician.

If you’re interested in getting them, Nestley offers a full set (takes 90 minutes) for $170, and infills start at $120.

I hope this helped you decide whether to give lash extensions a go or not, but I certainly loved them WAY more than I thought I would at the end of the day. Thank you to Amit from 23-North for the gorgeous photos. He’s currently exhibiting in St Leonards where you can view more details HERE.