The Secret to Perfect Blonde Hair

Ever wondered why people who colour their hair blonde are fussier at the hairdresser? Why they’re more cautious to swim in a chlorinated pool and why they’re hesitant to use brightly coloured hair chalk?

It can cost an absolute bucket-load to get your hair dyed the perfect blonde, and us blondes can be super fussy when it comes to achieving the perfect shade. Blonde can fade fast, and unwanted yellow and brassy tones can appear within a week of being coloured.

My perfect shade of blonde is grey/silver/ashy and can be really difficult to maintain. I’ve been on a quest for a LONG time to find the perfect toner, and I think I’ve just discovered it…

It may be an oldie, but my goodness it’s a GOODIE. Introducing De Lorenzo’s NovafusionSilver shampoo & conditioner. Combined, these two are seriously the dream team. I’ve been using this #winning combo for a while, and I’ve definitely learnt a few things along the way that I wanted to share.

WASH TWICE: Most of us are guilty for not reading instructions, so let me save you the trouble. Wash your locks firstly with your favourite shampoo (I love the De Lorenzo Rejuven8 range) before washing with Novafusion. It’ll get rid of all the grime and dirt so the colour pigment can take to your clean hair.

BE PATIENT: I’m one of those people that HATES long showers (weird.. I know!) but I’ve learnt that for the Novafusion shampoo to work it’s magic you need to be patient. I always set a timer (5 minutes) and dance around in the shower listening to my favourite tunes while I wait for the silver shampoo to turn my hair from zero to hero!

RINSE PROPERLY: This may seem obvious, but you REALLY need to wash this out. Do you normally spend 2 minutes washing all the shampoo/conditioner out of your hair? DOUBLE IT. You don’t want this stuff sticking to your hair, or it will turn it purple. Not saying I don’t love purple hair, but for the sake of toning to an ashy blonde make sure you give it a good rinse.

HYDRATE YOUR HAIR: Whether it’s all natural ingredients or not, a silver shampoo/conditioner combo can make your hair feel dry, as the colour pigments that attach to the outside of the hair.I love using the De Lorenzo Equilibrium Deep Repair Treatment Masque, as it repairs and nourishes dry hair. I use it every second time I use the Novafusion combo, and at the end my hair feels AMAZING.

So if you’re after the secret to the perfect shade of blonde hair, now you know my secret! What is your hair secret? I’d love to know how you achieve the perfect hair. Please feel free to leave your answer in the comments below, and thanks for reading! You can check out more about the Novafusion range HERE and make sure you follow De Lorenzo on Instagram at @delorenzo_haircare.

Ellie ParkerComment