My Winter Skin Routine - how to keep your skin hydrated all winter.

Ever looked at someone and thought, WOW – they have amazing skin?! I’m one of those total weirdos that will actually stalk someone in the street, wait till they’ve stopped and quiz them on their skin routine.

There’s something pretty magical about having clear, beautiful skin and I honestly believe it’s a combination of both genetics and the products you're using. 

Great genetics are a definite plus, but product can definitely help your skin. It’s all about figuring what kind of skin you have (oily, dry, combination) and specifically targeting your problem areas with specialist products.

Winter can be a harsh force on your skin, often rendering it dry and flaky - which no one wants! I’ve been fortunate to trial a LOT of amazing products, and from them I’ve developed a winter skin care routine that I swear by, and want to share with you.


If you only do one thing to your skin, let it be cleanse. Throughout the day your skin will be exposed to pollution, sunlight and various bacterias that overtime will build up and cause irreversible damage. It is so very important to cleanse, and it comes down to personal preference with what type of cleanser you use – oil, cream or a cleansing balm. For me, I love a cream cleanser as it’s easy to apply and to wash off, plus feels I love the way they make my skin feel. For winter, I’m religiously using the Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. It’s a lovely, light cleanser that smells like a clean baby (talcum powder perhaps?!). It leaves my skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s bum, and washes off easily. Just rub onto your skin in circles for a minute, then wash off with warm water and pat dry. 


If you’ve heard the myth that you shouldn’t exfoliate in winter, think again! Your skin needs to shed whatever the season, and it’s a must-do for clear pores and naturally glowing winter skin. You need to use a light exfoliator in winter, and something that won’t dry out your skin. I’ve been using the Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant, and love it. You rub the tiny granules into your skin in a circular motion for a couple of minutes, then wash off with warm water and pat dry. It leaves your skin feeling really smooth, cleansed and smelling divine. It’s a lightweight formula and I love that it has rosehip in it – proven to be a natural source of Vitamin E, which both calms and hydrates skin. 



I’m just going to say it – I’m a masque addict and think everyone should aim to do one every now and then. I do them at least 2 times a week, but if I had the time I’d be doing them every night. They give your skin a chance to replenish and take in divine scents and hydration using a quality masque. Winter always makes me reach for beautiful smells, so it’s no wonder I’m using the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. It’s a luxuriously creamy and hydrating lotion that you smother into your skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes. It really penetrates the first few layers of your skin and leaves your face feeling like you've had a really luxe facial.



Before I started working in beauty, I had no idea what the point of an eye cream was, and now I shudder to think of all the years I didn’t use one. The skin underneath and on top of our eyes is extra sensitive, meaning we need to be careful what products we use. I’ve only recently started using the Caudalie Resveratol Eye Balm Lift and am already addicted. It tightens the skin and gives you the feeling of an instant eye lift. In the short time I’ve been using it I’ve noticed the dark circles under my eyes (an unfortunate constant in my life) are slowly but surely fading. Be sure to tap this solution on very lightly to make sure you’re not stretching or damaging the sensitive skin.




These super-loaded liquids can penetrate the skin more than any other type of skincare, thanks to their highly active ingredients. They penetrate the skin twice as fast and are actually mini miracle performers. I love applying a hydrating serum in winter to wake up with fresh, bouncy skin. I recently discovered the For Beloved One brand, and am obsessed with everything from the range. The Hyaluronic Acid GHK-Cu Moisturising Serum  is a clear, super lightweight liquid that instantly sinks into your skin. Within a minute of applying your skin instantly feels more hydrated and dewy - #winning!



There’s an age old debate about whether you need to use a moisturiser after a serum, but I always like to. I think of it as sealing in all the magical benefits of your serum whilst protecting your skin for the day or night ahead. Again, you want to reach for something really hydrating, but light enough that you could apply your makeup on top of that won’t make your skin look shiny or oily. Ole Henrikson Sheer Transformation Crème is oil free, and has divine ingredients like Vitamin C, pea extract and licorice root. It's as light as a feather and is suitable for every skin type.


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