The best tour for Fraser Island.

I’m a proud Australian, and after moving back to the motherland a few months ago, I realised just how little of our sunburnt country I’d explored. There were so many places I wanted to visit, and Fraser Island was at the very top of it.

I’d heard stories about it’s wild dingoes, tea-tree lakes and white, sandy beaches ever since I was little. When I went to Google how to go/when to go/ where to go, I was overwhelmed. There were SO many different tour options, and when a friend recommended Sammy from RatPack travel, I was so grateful.

fraser island best tour

Sammy operates RatPack travel from a bus in Byron, that keeps their rent costs to a big ol’ zero, meaning they really cut out the middle man when it comes to travel. The small team over at RatPack actually listen when you say what you’d like on a trip, and not just whatever is the easiest. Once they’ve found the perfect trip that suits your style of travel they then provide discounts making it cheaper than booking direct!

I wanted a trip that explored a lot of Fraser Island in two days, was young but not 18 year olds and involved a lot of culture. Sammy knows the ins and outs of ALL the trips, and recommended I do the 2 day 1 night Drop Bear Tour. Let me tell you… it had everything I’d ever dreamt of and MORE!

Our tour meant we stayed in their unique eco-lodge overnight, and explore the full two other days. We were picked up from Noosa, where we drove the 4WDs all the way to Fraser Island! I was really impressed with how eco-conscious the tour was, and I loved that they recycled everything. The accommodation was so luxe (we upgraded to a private tent), and had such a peaceful nights sleep.

Our itinerary included so many incredible experiences, but I want to list a few of my favourites below.

We rocked up to Lake Birrabeen around 9am, and it was completely empty… not another soul in site! The crystal clear waters meant you could walk in around 20m, and still see everything around you. The silica sand provided the perfect natural exfoliant, so a group of us sat in the water and covered ourselves in the sand. It was the perfect hidden lake to switch off, relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. Although we visited in winter, it was still a beautiful 23 degrees and everyone had a swim.

Another favourite activity from the tour was floating along the idyllic Eli Creek. It’s the largest freshwater creek on the island, and pours up to four millions of clear, fresh water into the ocean every hour! The water was so pure that you could actually drink directly from it, and the outpour of water meant you could float along the creek. Some floated on their backs, but we chose to float on our stomachs peacefully and watch our beautiful surroundings.

best fraser island tour

My favourite part of the entire trip was the fact you got to drive the gigantic 4wds! We drove the landcruisers and basically learnt how to drive on rocky roads, rainforest tracks and along the beach. It’s an amazing feeling to cruise along the beach!

One of the most special moments was when Joe and I woke up at 6am, and watched the sun slowly rise over the gorgeous beach. We watched as water reflected a rainbow of colours, and it was so peaceful - we were the only ones on the beach! The entire trip, we never felt overwhelmed by our group or like it was “too much”. It was the best group tour I’ve ever done, and I cannot wait to book my next trip with Sammy and the crew over at RatPack Travel.

P.S The RatPack legends have even given me a cheeky 10% discount for YOU! They can apply this 10% discount to ANY trip and transport (including Camper Rentals) across Australia and New Zealand.. Quote ‘Ellie10’ when you book… you can thank me later!

If you are unsure on the date you wish to travel or just need to shoot Sammy any questions then hit him up on WhatsApp he’ll be more than happy to answer any questions: