PLAY: Cubescape Exictus Room

Strike in Melbourne Central have just launched Australia;s first ever Cubescape Exitus rooms, so of course we had to go and try them! They are the next generation of escape rooms, and use artificial intelligence to tailor the escape room experience to each team of individual players.

The rooms are located in Strike Central, which is a great hub of activity in Melbourne, and offers a wide range of activities including bowling, laser-tag, escape rooms plus awesome food & a delicious bar with cocktails.

We were welcomed to Strike by our friendly host, Frank, who you could tell genuinely loved his job and was super interested in the technology behind the room. He explained a little bit about the founder to us, and then got us kitted up for the room.

We had to ditch our phones & cameras, and swap our jackets for lab coats and swipe cards. We were blindfolded, led into the room and set into the big bad world that Cubescape is. The next hour that ensued was equal parts stressful, hilarious, stupidly fun, frustrating and took the words ‘team bonding’ to the next level. We had to defeat the evil computer program, IRIS, from taking over the world and ruining our workplace.

I like to imagine that I’m quite logical, but in that room it soon became evident that neither mum or I are very logically inclined at all! The unique thing about Cubescape Exitus is that they're so interactive that they can actually measure how you're going. There is no linear structure to the escape room, and it's like you're physically reenacting a 'Choose your own Adventure' movie.

For us, it ended up giving us a LOT of hints (and we still died at the end!) but for someone really clever it would have been much harder. There were (almost) tears, loads of laughter and actual bouts of pressure, and we loved every minute of it.

After we finished, dead (evil IRIS won), Frank welcomed us back to civilisation where we were offered a delicious cocktail… THAT HAD A LOCK ON IT! They even make you work for your drink afterwards, but oh boy, we solved it and it was so delicious.

All in all this was one of my favourite activities we did in Melbourne and I’d highly recommend it for everyone and anyone. Especially those people that think they’re too smart for these kinds of things… this one is extra hard and will really challenge you. You can find more about how to book in HERE.