EAT: Vernon's Bar in Summer Hill

Are you sick of your local bar? Looking for something amazing where you can still walk around without being squashed in Sydney? (Sounds impossible, hey?!)

If you’re after amazing cocktails, an incredible atmosphere and divine food, have I got the bar for you! Introducing Vernon’s Bar in Summer Hill, a new innovative concept by the owners of the already very successful, One Penny Red.

The menu includes hiramasa kingfish crudos with ruby grapefruit, cucumber & horseradish and a chestnut, Jerusalem artichoke and Portobello pie with sauce soubise. I was worried that I wouldn’t find anything to eat as a Pescetarian (seafood only) and this menu really blew me away.

The tasting menu is fresh and boasts the new Vernon’s Bar flair – and my friends, as does the rather expansive cocktail menu. My two favourites? The Willy Chapman (sloe gin, apricot and Prosseco) and the Basil Gimlet (vodka, basil and elderflower).

The space is really airy and features both indoor and outdoor seating, which also includes a private dining room complete with a pretty impressive roof to floor wine rack… do I dare say more?! I was really blown away by the attentive staff and how everyone was so friendly and warm.

If you’re ever in the Inner West, this is a bar you NEED to check out. It’s right near the Summer Hill train station, easy to get to and serves great food, drinks and service in a super relaxed, welcoming environment. Make sure you say a big hello to the crew who made this venue possible - RJ, Nina and David!