Choc Chip Protein Cookie Dough Balls

You know when you’re craving something super, duper sweet and all you can think about is sugar? I normally reach for the closest packet of timtams and demolish them within seconds, but this whole health-kick thing really has me thinking about what I eat.

I often turn to making snack balls as they’re fast, easy and really satisfying.

These were going to be peanut butter chocolate chip balls, and then I realised I HAD RUN OUT OF PEANUT BUTTER. Just let that sink in for a moment… a complete foodie runs out of peanut butter, and turns into a complete mess.

Our pantry was practically turned inside out, and still no peanut butter was to be found. Whilst snivelling in a corner, I stumbled upon a jar of Mayvers Super Spread; made of almond, sesame, chia & nuts. This little jar of goodness really changed the dynamics of these balls (in a good way!) and really helped to create the smooth cookie dough taste.

The oats add texture to these balls, and also are rich in a specific type of fibre, called beta-glucan. This fibre is known to lower levels of bad cholesterol and help lower blood pressure – giving a great excuse to pop one (or two)of these bite size snacks every second day.

Lots of love went into testing this recipe to get it perfect, and I’d love to hear your feedback on this one in particular. Every one uses a different food processor, and I use the Russell Hobbs Performance Food Processor. It’s just a personal choice, but I love how fast it can pulverise anything put into it.

Enjoy the recipe, and please use #eatwithelle on Instagram so

I can see your wonderful creations x

You’ll need:


1 ½ cups of oats


3 (big) tablespoons of any nut spread


10 pitted dates


2 tbsp dark chocolate chips 


1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (I used International Protein WPI)


¼ cup of your choice of milk (I used lite soy milk)

Simply empty the dates into your food processer, and blend on high until form a thick paste.

Add in the oats, and pulse a few more times. Pour in the milk, protein and nut spread, and pulse.

Finely chop the choc chips and stir these into the batter. Roll the mixture into balls (approx 1 tbsp) and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

If your balls are too dry, add more milk until they reach the desired consistency.

Enjoy! X

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