Gym Clothing - Fashionable & Affordable

I must get asked at least a few times a day where I get my gym outfits from, and how do I afford so many different gym clothes. To be honest, I really don't spend that much money on them - I'm a poor uni student! I've decided to post a few of my favourite outfits and where I'd recommend shopping for some affordable and fashionable gym clothing.

 Outfit One
TOP $8 -  This is a fluro orange racerback top that I actually got from a shop in Australia called Temt. It's a great material with some mesh panelling on the shoulders as well.

BOTTOMS $20 - I adore these 7/8 length sports leggings from Cotton On Body. They are crazy comfortable and make your legs look great!

RUNNERS $160 - Most runners are pricier, and I ADORE these runners. They are Asic Gel 33s and they are so fantastically comfortable and supportive, ASICS are my favourite to run in. I bought these from Rebel Sport.

Outfit Two

TOP $4 - From BIG W, I found this top on a random little specials rack. I absolutely love the slogan on it - ' Run Fast, Laugh Long'.

BOTTOMS $80 - Now these are definitely an investment. From Lorna Jane, these star speckled bike shorts are so lovely, and I receive a lot of compliments on them. They're super comfy!

RUNNERS $20 - SO cheap right? These are from Payless Shoes. They are comfy and light, though I wouldn't recommend them for running long distances - they're great for weightlifting however! :P
 Outfit Three

TOP $8 - From the KMART sports gear range, I have this top in three colours. It's comfortable and PLUS they're such nice colours :)

BOTTOMS $20 - Same ones from Cotton on Body  but in all black... LOVE them!

RUNNERS $70 - These are Adidas 'ClimaCool' runners which I absolutely adore. They were so cheap as I got them while I was in America. LOVE THEM!

Outfit Four 

TOP $8 - Another one from KMART, I love their tops so much. I also have it in pink & grey :)

BOTTOMS $10 - These are from KMART and I  love them. They are so good for someone on a budget. Only thing is they show sweat really easily!

RUNNERS $80 - These are also from America, and they're Nike Free Training Runners. They are incredibly light and a beautiful colour. Only downside is they don't provide too much ankle support.

- Cotton On Body
- Kmart
- Big W
- Blockout
- Target
- Rebel Sport
- Temt 


Miss E xox.