My fitness regime this week!

Hey guys :)

SO... I'm back! After finally settling into uni and all that, I'm back to my beloved blog and fitness! I have been really focused on fitness and gym this past week, and burnt a lot of calories. I have SO many people asking me what I've been doing, so here it is again - another schedule. PLEASE don't do everything - I have just really wanted to push myself this week, and see how far I can go. Enjoy!

We are capable of so much more than we think we are!

Gym workout - Leg Day
- HIIT on the treadmill for 20 minutes

Course One - repeat three times. Between each circuit,  do a 200m sprint on the rower.
- 20 weighted lunges (stationary)
- 20 calf raises with weights
- 14 squat jumps
- 1 minute wall sit/squat

Course Two - repeat three times. No need for rowing as star jumps keep your heart rate up.
- 50 star jumps
- 12 sumo squats
- 10 HEAVY weighted lunges
- 10 plie squats
- 8 squats with moderate weights on the squat rack

- Tummy, hips and thighs class at the gym. This was a pretty laid back, easy day for me. I was feeling particularly sore after the massive leg workout on Monday. Still went for a walk after this, as I always feel the need to throw in some cardio somewhere! The class consisted mostly of squats (OUCH!), sit ups and side planks.... was a killer!

- Started the morning off with a CX worx class. This is mainly targeted at core strength, and was an absolute killer! Abs were dying.... it uses weights and resistance bands!
- Next was a MASSIVE gym workout, later that afternoon. With this workout, I managed to burn 700 calories in approx ONE hour... needless to say, I will definitely be doing this again.

Gym workout - KILLER

- Begin with HIIT training on the treadmill. Fast walk/jog for 45 seconds, then sprint for 45 seconds. Alternate until you reach 20 minutes. I also threw in two sprint rounds, around the 8 & 16 minute marks. This meant we put the lvl up to as fast as it could go (15) and sprinted our hearts out for 30 seconds... it will tire you out very quickly!

Course One - Repeat x 3
- 10 horizontal dumbell rows - 10 on each side. (Please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology! These ones are basically you get a bench, put one leg up and row a heavy dumbbell up to your shoulder, then swap sides. I use a 9kg dumbbell :))
- 12 tricep dips with legs straight
- 50 star jumps
- 10 push ups

Course Two - Repeat x 3 with 200m rowing sprint between each one
- 10 bicep curls (heavy)
- 16 wood chops with kettle ball or heavy dumbbell
- 20 lat raises with overhead twists using plates
- 12 chest press (lying down on the bench with moderately heavy dumbbells)

Normally I would finish up after this, but Georgie and I were feeling rather motivated! We headed over to the treadmills, and ran our little hearts out. We ran for 1.2km which may not sound much, but after that workout it nearly killed us! When we finished our run, we stretched and cooled down.

- I then played a muck-around soccer game after this. Needless to say, Wednesday was a VERY productive day!

- Started the morning off with the same leg workout as Monday. KILLER is all I can say....
- Then tried Crossfit out!

All I can say Never in my entire life have I felt so exhausted, excited, motivated, sweaty and tired before.... all in TEN minutes! If you don't know what crossfit is, I highly suggest you have a look at it. Click HERE to read an article I found very interesting on Crossfit. I am signing up for Crossfit next week, and oh man am I excited! I will alternate classes between the gym, crossfit and cardio. I cannot WAIT for these next few months. BIG changes are coming, and I simply will achieve my goals.


My beloved readers, I invite you to post your goals/dreams for this next month. What are you going to change in your life - how are you going to step your current workouts up? Make a change in your life, something that you WILL stick to. Together, we are unstoppable.

Miss E xox. 

P.S - Friday is definitely a rest day I think... I am SO sore!