My own workout!

Someone asked me today to write them out my exercise plan. The truth is, I never really have one! I am signed up to a gym, so I try and take advantages of the classes there! Below is the schedule I happened to follow this week, but it really does change a lot!! :)

Workout Schedule

Monday (Upper body)
- I used the C25k app on my phone for cardio - a good half hour of HIIT on the treadmill.
- I set up a circuit for myself in the weights section after, which is as follows:
- Alternate dumbell reverse fly presses on an incline bench (10 on each side)
- 12 tricep dips with legs straight
- 10 High curls with dumbbells (making sure they touch every time)
- 10 push ups using the incline bench
- Hold a one minute plank
- Go and use the rowing machine and row 200m in under 45 seconds!
- Repeat this circuit three times with minimum breaks in between sets!

Tuesday (Lower body) 
- My car broke this day :( But I didn't let it stop me from working out!
- First I used the c25k app for cardio again running laps around my property (I live on acreage)
- Then I did this circuit as follows:
- 10 jump squats
- 20 squats with dumbbells
- 30 plie squats (like a ballerina, legs out!)
- 40 alternating lunges with dumbbells
- 50 star jumps
- 60 second wall sit!
- Repeat 2-3 times! 
P.s you legs will be absolutely burning by the time you finish this circuit once, but PUSH THROUGH!

Wednesday (Abs & Cardio)
- First I used the Nike Training Club app - THIS IS THE BEST APP IN THE WORLD!
- I did the Intermediate - Get Lean - Fire Drill circuit for 45 minutes
- Then I did some HIIT on the treadmill, using a high incline to burn the most calories.

Thursday (Upper body)
- Cardio again with the C25k app
- Upright row machine for 12 reps
- In between those reps, do split jumps for a minute
- Chest press with 30 seconds planks between sets
- Tricep dips with straight legs
- Bicep curls with dumbbells
- Assisted chin up machine (my mortal enemy)
- On a bosu ball, do 10 mountain climbers, then 10 push ups. Repeat 3 times.
-Hold a plank for one minute at the end

Friday (Lower body)
- I got up at 5am and went and did a 45 minute circuit class in the morning (very high intensity!)
- I then went back to the gym around 2pm and did the following:
- c25k app run
- Nike Training club app - Go to 'Get focused -> Better Butt' for 15 mins
- Then I used the calf machine (10 reps with calf pulses in between sets!)
- Hamstring curl machine
- 200m rowing sprint
- Leg press machine (12 reps, 3 sets)
- Squats with HEAVY weights - I used a barbell with 30kg weights.
- Alternate with 10 lunges on each legs with dumbbells
- Abbductor machine for thigh muscles

Sorry about the long post, I didn't realise there was so much to write! Remember that I also stretch before and after every session, and that I change it up every week so I don't get bored! I hope you enjoy this post fitfam!

E xox.