Valentines Day: What does your red lipstick say about you?

The dreaded (or loved depending on your relationship status) Valentines Day is right round the corner, and what's better than spicing it up with a gorgeous red lip? With SO many beautiful red shades on the market at the moment, I wanted to delve into the world of V-day lips and try to work out what type of person you are based on your choice of red.

I own more than 30 red lippies (plz send help!!) and wanted to choose different shades of red. There is something for everyone in this lipstick guide, and you'll be sure to find a colour that really makes you pop! Take a look at the photo below, look at what number you'd choose and BAM let me analyse what your Valentines day lipstick choice says about you.

1. L'oreal Paris Infallible 2-Step Lip Colour in RED INFALLIBLE

 You're a lady that loves a brave red, and you're set to stand out. You're also up for a cheeky kiss (or 20) because you know this lipstick is almost impossible to get off. BRING IT ON!

2. Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in POPPY POP

You definitely know your reds, and you know this is perfect for a ladies' night out. It will stay on, keep your lips hydrated and has a gorgeous pinky undertone that will bring out your smokey eye makeup.

3. Innoxa No Bleed Moisturising Lipstick in VELVET APRICOT

You never wear red lipstick, but you want to give it a try and you don't know how brave you want to go. Introducing Velvet Apricot, a perfectly safe browney/red shade that will complement any outfit.

4. Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Creme in STAGE RED

YOU ARE A GODDESS. Seriously, just like this lipstick is divine, so are you. Highly pigmented and ready to make a statement, pair this with your LBD to stand out amongst the crowd. 

5. 3CE Lip Colour #409  in KISS WOO

You love your red lipsticks, but you also know that the chance of you kissing someone is almost 100%. This beautiful red will wipe off nice and easy in the bathroom before that cheeky pash, and can be easily applied after. 

6. Nutrimetics Colour Intense in CANDY CANE

You're one of those people that loves a dark lip, and this is a red you can't stray past. You'll probably wear it with a white outfit, because what says statement more than an all white ensemble with a statement dark red lip?

7. Revlon Ultra HD in DAHLIA

Reds aren't your thing, and that's perfectly fine. You still want to make a statement, and you have no idea where the night will lead. This is a safe option that will still bring out your best features whilst letting your outfit do all the talking. 

8. MAC x Charlotte Olympia  in SCARLET

You're a lady who knows WHAT she wants, WHEN she wants. You're a total #girlboss who won't take no for an answer. You're going out for a few casual drinks on V-Day, that we all know will turn into a wild night! You go girl.

Let me know which one you chose, and whether you think my *totally unscientific and completely made-up* analysis of your red lippie choice was right!