Which perfume should I wear? A scent for every occasion.

The market is absolutely flooded with divine fragrances at the moment, and it can be difficult to choose a scent. What lasts? What attracts attention? What is subtle and what is too much? We’ve saved you the effort and road-tested our favourite scents. Here are our top picks for each occasion:



It’s a lazy Sunday at home, and you and your partner are just lazing about in the house. You might have some friends over, or maybe go to brunch. Whatever it is, it’s going to be a chilled out day, which means a chilled out scent. Go for something subtle yet sweet – we love the limited edition Rain by Marc Jacobs.  The gentle blue hue is refreshing, will last all day and has top notes of wild strawberries and tropical rain – delicious!


Date Night

Whether it’s a tinder date with a new man or a romantic anniversary dinner, you need to stand out. Something attention grabbing but not over the top, with a lingering scent that will last all night.  Think Tocca Brigette EDP – this is our pick of the lot, for it’s sophisticated and lasting scent. With top notes of ginger, rhubarb and papaya, it’s not hard to see why this luxurious fragrance will fast become your favourite too.



You go to work to stand out from the crowd, and you need a scent that screams "powerful woman", without overpowering everyone around you. Something sophisticated yet sexy, strong yet subtle, and Beyoncesque. Bring in Katy Perry’s Mad Potion – vanilla and orchid are the top notes, and it’s a sweet, feminine scent that is lovely and warm - perfect for work (and work drinks afterwards!).


Hit the Town

When you’re out clubbing or sitting at a beautiful bar, the air is often filled with odours that aren’t exactly pleasant (hello BO & stanky beer), but don’t fret – for even this occasion there is a fragrance. Introducing Seductive by Guess – you da real MVP Guess. Beware, this is a really strong perfume that will last you all night...  and the morning after too! This is what we call a transformative scent, which starts out as fruity, sweet & crispy, but after a bit of dancing or walking between clubs it turns into a seductive and sexy scent.


Family Gatherings 

Your parents, siblings and 101 cousins are at the latest Christening/birthday party/anniversary dinner and you need a scent to wear. Something sweet, long-lasting but not over the top. Time to bring out the florals and one of our most loved scents, SeeyBy Chloe. Feminine, simple and sophisticated. The top notes make it sound like a delicious dessert, with vanilla, musk and jasmine making this scent our pick for those family gatherings.