The Best Places for Brunch in Sydney.

Whether you’ve followed my Instagram for three years or stumbled across this blog post about brunch in Sydney, my dear friend you are in luck. For the past couple of years, I’ve made it my mission in life to visit as many cafes as I possibly could (or that my waistband and wallet allowed), to find the actual best brunch spots in Sydney.

I’m not claiming to be a food critic, but just a passionate foodie who genuinely enjoys both the taste and visual aspects of food. Each and every one of these brunch places have been judged on their interiors, friendliness of staff, timeliness, taste of food and presentation of dishes. It's decided - these cafes really do provide the best brunch in Sydney. They’re all impeccable and I hope you visit a few next time you’re in Sydney and after an epic feed.


Celsius Coffee Co Waffles SYdney brunch

Celsius Coffee Co in Kirribilli

Situated on the water’s edge of the Kirribilli ferry terminal, Celsius Coffee Co offers unparalleled views of Darling Harbour. The staff are fast, efficient and super helpful when it comes to offering menu suggestions. I went for the dish they’re most famous for (their waffles) and they were out of this world.

HINT: Wait for one of the tables by the water. Even if that means adding your name to a waitlist that day, it’s totally worth it.


Meet Gerard Cafe in Redfern

Meet Gerard Cafe in Alexandria

Hidden away on the streets of Alexandria, Meet Gerard Café is seriously a diamond in the rough. Each dish is plated to perfection, and everyone that works there is an absolute gem. They’re known for their breakfast panacotta, but I suggest trying everything on this divine season menu.

HINT: You have to grab one of the fresh baked daily goods to takeaway and save for later.


Harry's Bondi Brunch in Sydney

Harry’s Bondi

Nestled amongst the hipster streets of Bondi and a mere 5 minute walk from the iconic Bondi beach, Harry’s is an incredible culinary experience. It took us ten minutes to order because we were so damn tempted to order one of everything. Our waitress, Ola, went above and beyond explaining each dish to us – it was a wonderful experience

HINT: Order one of everything if you can. You’ll love it.


Flower Child Cafe Chatswood

Flower Child Café in Chatswood

I’d stalked this café multiple times on Instagram, because their feed was to die for. Every dish looked like a piece of art, and the café itself looked like it was situated in pure paradise. Imagine our surprise when we turned up & it was in the middle of a bustling shopping centre, yet as soon as you entered you were whisked to an ethereal foodie world. We sat in the greenhouse area with plants hanging over us and shared WAAAAY too much food.

HINT: Wait till you can get seated on the inside part of the greenhouse. It’s totally worth it.


Bread and Circus Alexandria

Bread & Circus in Alexandria

This place is seriously somewhere you must visit. Flourishing with local produce and unique dishes, Bread & Circus in Alexandria offers a beautiful taste sensation like no other. I always associate them with super fresh, light food that fills you up the perfect amount.

HINT: Go with a big group of friends and make a day of it. There are other little eateries around it so you can make it into one big culinary experience.


Kafeine Balmain Brunch Sydney

Kafeine in Balmain

My go-to absolute favourite café in all of Sydney, Kafeine never disappoints. They are a bustling café on the streets of gorgeous Balmain, and their menu is extensive. I’m proud to say I reckon I’ve eaten halfway through their menu so far, and I’m on a mission to finish it. I can never go past their coconut pancakes as they’re soooo yum but also incredibly photogenic.

HINT: Sit outside so you can pat ALL the doggos. Balmain is know for it’s doggo friendly culture.

Have you visited any of these places for brunch in Sydney? What is your favourite hotspot for brunch in Sydney? I'd love to know.