A guide to Lizard Island, Australia.

This article is a guest post written by the very talented Megan Luscombe  for the Live with Elle audience. A big thank you to Megan for this wonderful guide to Lizard Island x 

Guide to Lizard Island

Lizard Island is 240 kilometres north of Cairns (Australia) and 27 kilometres off the Queensland coastline. It’s accessible via a short 50 minute scenic flight from Cairns and probably one of the most breathtaking flights you’ll ever take (over 200 kilometres of the bright blue, coral filled Great Barrier Reef) so take that camera on board for pro shots.

Upon arrival at Lizard Island you’re immediately greeted by staff and a buggy (similar to a golf buggy) which takes you on a short joy ride to the main part of the resort and that is when the fun times begin because CHAMPAGNE ON ARRIVAL (yas girl, gimme that good stuff #blessed).

Guide to Lizard Island

Important note: there’s no mobile reception on this Island and wifi is only available at two spots. For some this will be awesome because you get to check out for a bit and have ‘you’ time and for others it’ll probably be a panic attack wrapped in anxiety because #SOCIALMEDIA.

For your sake I hope you’re in the first group of people because Lizard Island is off the charts amazing and I’d hate for you to miss it all because you’re stuck in a phone.

Guide to Lizard Island

The main lodge of the venue is where most meals are served and where you can access wifi (feel better now?). You can also sit down with a book and a cheeky glass (or three) of wine if you’re looking to just chill out.

When it comes to your accommodation, all rooms are bright, beachy and super luxurious.

My partner and I stayed in a Beachfront Suite which meant our room faced and walked out onto the beach. The accommodation spoils you and has you questioning your actual home and if it will ever be this good (which it isn’t, ever). However with so much to check out and do on the Island you’ll barely be in there anyway so let’s get amongst the fun stuff!

Allowing its guests as much autonomy as they want, there’s loads of self-guided activities like snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, tennis, morning yoga and luxurious spa treatments.

I was won over by the idea of snorkeling the second I looked at the water from my room (could it be any more blue or clear? Methinks not!) and dipped my toe in it (hello 26 degrees!). After you get fitted with the gear you can opt for a guided tour or to get amongst the mermaid life solo.

lizard island guide

We ended up spotting stingrays, turtles (highlight of the trip!), so many fish (including nemo) and the most gigantic clams I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t help but have an inner David Attenborough monologue during the whole thing and I advise you to have one too, it’s hilarious.

We also did paddle boarding (which made me motion sick, wth is wrong with me?), took a dinghy out (it’s a small boat) to explore the secluded beaches (tres romantic), walked along all the beaches and spent a decent amount of time bathing in the sun.

What can I say? We holidayed well.


For those of you who’re serious foodies, Lizard Island has you covered and goes above and beyond to pull out all the stops. Their breakfast and lunch buffets are sumptuous with local produce, fresh made pastries/breads, tropical fruit, smoothies, seafoods,  juices, barbecued meats (lunch only) and al la carte options for those wanting something hot.

lizard island guide

Can’t stand the thought of eating heavy food when it’s hot out? There’s a ‘lighter option’ menu that’ll surely impress (I ate from it twice, so good!).

Did you say you wanted a 7 course degustation menu matched with wines underneath a private beach pavillion? I thought so. This is a highlight experience on the Island and one that books out early, so if you’re keen for it (and why wouldn’t you be?) I’d recommend you book ahead. We did it and it’s going down in my top 5 holiday experiences, ever.

lizard island guide


Head down to the (on-site) Marlin Bar if you’re wanting to enjoy a much more relaxed atmosphere in a venue which still has its original style since it’s doors opened to fishermen in the 1970’s. With different nights serving different cuisines (Monday - beef and burgers, Wednesday - pizza, Friday - tapas) it’s the perfect spot to relax and wind down after a day of exploring (or doing nothing because let’s face it, holiday life can be hard).

For those who just want R&R ‘me time’, the day spa has every massage and pamper package you could think of. I got myself a pedicure and my partner and I enjoyed a couples massage. Whilst I didn’t fall asleep during it I’m pretty sure I drooled and if that isn’t a sign of complete relaxation, I don’t know what is.

Did I mention the gorgeous lap pool outside the spa is surrounded by comfy lounges?

Trust me when I say Lizard Island has thought of everything when it comes to making your holiday experience perfect (there’s even a few things I’ve left out so when you do arrive you’ll be surprised), so take my advice and get yourself there already. Not only are the staff waiting for you to arrive, the lizards are too!


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