Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't been writing for so long - I have had possibly the busiest month of my entire life! I now have my own radio show, work on the uni tv show, will possibly have a National Radio News cadetship and am studying a full time degree. HOWEVER, I will not let these excuses get in the way. I have finally got my time management under control, and I think you guys can too!

When we are under a lot of pressure, and have a lot of commitments, it can be hard to find time for your fitness. This is where balance comes into play. In order to be the best person you can be, you need to strike a balance between leisure, fitness, social and work. At first it may seem near impossible to come up with a clear balance, but it can be done!

What you need to do, is make a timetable. Write down everything you do in each day. Include meal times, gym classes, sleeping times and what time you work/study. 

This is an incredibly important step to helping you get the most out of each and every day you live. Once you've written out the things that you cannot miss in your life (work, study, fitness) - write them into a timetable. I know you may feel like you're in high school again, but this really works! I absolutely love writing out timetables/schedules because I find been organised is the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes.

A great template that you can use - nice and simple! 

The template above is a really easy template that you can use. Try writing in your work commitments and colouring them in RED. Once you've done this, write your fitness e.g classes & scheduled gym workouts in GREEN. Now if you are a student like me, you may want to write your study or other activities in BLUE. If you're anything like me, your timetable will be looking very full now. Super colourful! However, we need to leave time for our leisure activities, and spending time with family/friends - colour this time in ORANGE.

Congratulations, you have no got your life into order! There are so many positives of having a timetable that you can follow, and it means you can always be organised. I really hope this article helps someone to really find the balance in their life!!

I will write another article soon guys, any requests please say them below :)

E xox.