Pearls of Wisdom from Sarah Poole & Chloe Lorback

WELCOME, to the very first post of Pearls of Wisdom, where we chat to women that are serious #goalgetters. This series is designed for all of us who are #galswithgoals, and are looking for advice, guidance and inspiration from other women. 

I first came across Sarah & Chloe as a freelancer, and worked with them on a content piece for their brilliant new business, The Fit Mother. It didn't take long to realise how genius the concept was, and they had me intrigued immediately. 

Their work ethic is admirable and their passion for all things fitness, health and motherhood shines through in their #PearlsofWisdom, and I'm extremely honoured and proud to introduce you to the two of them.

Hi Chloe & Sarah, it's so lovely to chat with you both. We'd love to know more about you, your backgrounds and way of life. 

Hi - we’re Sarah & Chloe. We’re two business women / mothers / friends, who try and keep life together the best we know how ...which is trying to not take things too seriously, laugh, and be as fit and healthy as our crazy days allow. Chloe & I actually met on a train on the way to Prague back in our backpacking days, and after Chloe saved my friend and I from heading to the wrong destination, we became instant friends. Our lives have taken us on two very different paths - Chloe as a specialist Women’s Physio, with a number of pilates clinics and consulting locations and me, building a national IT consulting practice with locations across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth. Chloe has 3 young boys and I have a boy and a girl - so between us we are certainly experiencing the full gamete of being modern day business women and mothers. Out of hours we both love getting outdoors, spending time with our families and getting to an exotic / warm destination whenever time allows.

Coffee, freshly squeezed juice or a glass of wine? 

All three! We’re all for health and wellbeing, but we love a good coffee to kick start a work morning, and a glass of wine to wind up the week is a small moment of joy. As busy working women, we’re both huge fans of a green smoothie as we dash out the door most days. More because we’re lazy and we can get all the goodness in one hit than for any other reason!


Where do you find inspiration for your goals & dreams? 

Both from everyday women and successful women & mothers who are making the world a better place for the female kind. As part of her consulting & pilates studios, Chloe deals with hundreds of mothers every week, and their stories and struggles and achievements and joys are never ending. Women like Emma Isaacs (Business Chicks), Zoe Forster Blake, Cyan Taeed (Envato / Hey Tiger) - inspire us greatly. Smart, full of life, down to earth, successful, juggling motherhood and business, they're paving the way for other women in the process.

What does self love mean to you?

It means being grateful for what mother nature gave you. It means accepting all the amazing bits, along with the not perfect bits. It means backing yourself and having the courage and confidence to live the life you want to live. It means not looking to others as a yardstick to how you should be.


What is something that not many people know about you?

I have a tattoo on my lower back that I got in Byron Bay when I was 18 - seemed like such a good idea at the time....

What is your favourite quote, and why?

“You can’t drink from an empty cup”

 I actually think Chloe made that one up, it should be something slightly different, however we say it often at The Fit Mother. As women and mothers we spend the majority of our time filling everyone else up; making sure they are loved, nurtured, fed, healthy and happy, but we forget ourselves. Motherhood is amazing, but also one of the most isolating, confronting and life changing experiences a person can have... so we need to recognise that, and make sure that we have what we need in order to be the woman, and the mother we want to be.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Do something you love. Do something that will help others and if it doesn't feel right - change it. I waited far too long in my previous career to make a change I knew I had to make.

What's on the horizon for your future? Are any exciting plans coming up?

Big, Big plans!!!!! This week see’s the public launch of The Fit Mother - a one stop online program for pregnant and new mothers to get everything they need to ‘fill their cups’ - safe, physio-led (by Chloe) daily workouts and exercises, meal plans and ideas (because who can be bothered), daily mindfulness recordings - and a safe place for women to come and find out all the stuff they want and need to know about motherhood. We were concerned, disappointed and a bit sick and tired of seeing pure weight loss and get skinny programs aimed at mothers - when for the first period at least, this is not at all what they need. Fit Mother Escapes and an international program on the horizon!

Dogs or cats?

Dogs all the way. Big Dogs. We have a Weimaraner called Hugo. He thinks he's human.

What is your go-to song to get you feeling motivated?

Seasons of Love, from the Rent soundtrack. Pretty random but I love the work of Live Your Legend, and I watched a video by Chelsea Dinsmore explaining how her late husband Scott (founder), used to make insp. mixed tapes and this was one of his favourites - reminds me that life is short, and every moment counts. My kids love it too!

Who are 3 people you'd recommend following on IG for major inspiration?

I have so many - but if I have to choose 3, I would go with:
@Zotheysay because he makes me laugh and she’s so damn creative and smart!
@spell_byronbay  for major fashion inspiration.                                                              @collectivehub for business... the articles are the best!

Thank you so much to the wonderful Sarah & Chloe for sharing their #PearlsofWisdom with us. You can check out their brilliant website for The Fit Mother and follow them on Instagram HERE. 

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