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I love pudding. some would call me a puda-holic, and i'd have to agree. when i saw there was a new pud that was less than 100 calories, and included flavours like 'salted caramel', i couldn't resist. 


Slim Secrets Protein Pud (Salted Caramel)



Where from?:

Woolworths or www.slimsecrets.com.au

The Lowdown: 

This product had me sold at salted caramel combined with 87 calories. Where else can you find these two together?! These puddings come in choc-coconut, salted caramel and strawberry flavour. They are high in protein (10g per serve) and extremely low in sugar (around 2.9g per serve).

My Experience: 

If you're expecting a traditional pudding texture, you may be deterred. This pudding is a lot creamier than a normal, sugar-filled dessert, and the small chia seeds throughout the pudding offer a new, delicious texture. The downfall of this pud is the metallic taste after each spoonful, but this is often associated with most processed foods. If you're looking for a sweet treat that you don't have to feel guilty about, then the Slim Secrets Protein Pud is for you. However, if you're after a treat that leaves you feeling refreshed - grab a piece of fruit!


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