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My top 10 iHerb products

Hey guys!

So I have had lots of people asking me what they should order from iherb.com - which is an American website I am constantly ordering products from as they are cheaper that Australia and are always super reliable! It truly is one of my favourite sites, and the postage doesn't cost too much! If you're going to order from iherb.com, feel free to use my code PKW245 at the checkout :) It will get you $10 off any order over $60, or $5 from any order under $60.


1. Quest Bars ($24 for a pack of 12)
These are amazing protein bars with barely any sugar and are low in carbs (most carbs are fibre in them) they come in so many amazing flavours and taste great on their own. You can also bake them or microwave them for a delicious textural explosion in your mouth! My two favourite flavours are chocolate brownie and vanilla almond!

2. Coconut Flour ($4.80 for a kg)
This is a great, healthier alternative to normal flour! It is much denser, so you don't have to use as much either! It gives your baking a beautiful, subtle coconut flavour and I absolutely love it! I also use it when I make my casein mugcakes :) 
3. Justin's Chocolate Hazlenut Butter ($8.90 for 454g)
This is a great alternative to nutella or other sugar filled spreads. It is purely hazelnuts and coconut oil blended, and is SO DELICIOUS! Beware, this stuff is addictive. Have it as a treat, and enjoy! 

4. Kashi GOLEAN cereal ($5.12 for 371g)
This would have to be one of my favourite cereals, that is healthy and yummy! You can spread it on greek yoghurt, use it in cooking or simply eat it with milk. It's delicious!

5. C4 Preworkout ( $32.46 for 171g - 30 servings)
I've used a lot of Pre-workouts during my fitness journey, and without a doubt C4 is my favourite. It gives me the energy I need, tastes delicious and there is no real 'come down' from this PWO. My two favourite flavours would definitely be strawberry margarita and icy blue razz. WARNING, if you've never had a PWO before I'd recommend you start off with something not as strong, like dfine8.

6. St Dalfour Golden Mango Green Tea ($3.32 for 25 teabags)
This is my all time favourite tea. I always loved green tea, but sometimes found it a tiny bit bitter or too strong. This green tea, combined with the mango, makes it the perfect tea. It's sweet but not too sweet.... delicious! 

7. Go Raw Chocolate Super Cookies ($4.32 for 85g)
These cookies are not your usual cookies, BUT THEY ARE SO HEALTHY AND GUILT FREE! The ingredients are organic coconut, sprouted organic sesame seems, organic dates and organic cocoa... THAT IS IT! If you're like me and you snack all the time, these are definitely the perfect thing to munch on! Enjoy!!

8. Stevia Sweet Drops ($9.36 for 60mL)
Don't let the price of these drops put you off, one tiny drop of this sweetener goes a long way! A great alternative to sugar, these flavoured drops make anything sweet and delicious! There are a variety of different flavours, and my favourite is vanilla creme and english toffee. I like to add them to my oats to make them nice and sweet! 

9. Walden Farms Products
These products are all ZERO CALORIES! I know, crazy right! Check out the entire range at iherb.com - they are delicious. They're also very cheap - perfect. I personally love the caramel syrup and pancake topping :)

10.  Sambazon Organic Freeze Dried Acai Powder ($18.00 for 90g)
Last, not certainly not least is this amazing acai powder. Acai is a superfood, and not only is extremely healthy but tastes delicious. I love to mix mine in greek yoghurt and my smoothies to make them super sweet and healthy (not to mention a gorgeous purple colour)! A little goes a long way again with this superfood - don't be put off by the price!

So there you have it, my top ten iHerb favourites. There are SO many more, but I figure ten was enough. From makeup brushes to all kinds of supplements, I really do love this website for all it's amazing prices and products! Make sure you use my code PKW245 if you need to save money!

E xox. 

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