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Water, water and more water!

Today I had personal training with my amazing pt, Nick. We were talking about what I could do to improve my fitness - I'm eating right, exercising like a madwoman and getting plenty of sleep - what could I possibly do to see increased results faster? As we were going through this checklist, Nick asked me how much water I drink a day.... and this, ladies and gentleman, is my guilty secret. I barely ever drink water, unless I'm working out at the gym or having a protein shake! I sometimes feel like I'm a camel, and that all I need is a glass a day and it will last me. Of course, this is totally not right! Water is SO important for all round fitness, health and weight loss - and here are some reasons why.

Water Facts
1. It helps with energy levels! Fatigue during the day is often caused by mild dehydration.
2. Water can both prevent, and alleviate headaches. 
3. It helps to maintain a healthy body weight by both increasing your metabolism, and regulating your appetite.
4. If you find yourself peckish or hungry, have a big glass of water and assess your hunger 20 minutes later. Chances are that you were actually thirsty, not hungry! Often we mistake thirst for hunger, which is where we end up over-eating! 
5. The process of burning calories requires a moderate supply of water in order to function efficiently - dehydration slows down the fat burning process! 

SO this is why I have decided to drink AT LEAST 3L of water a day.... I need to see these results faster, and I really feel like my lack of water is what has been holding me back! So why not add more water to your diet fitfam? No calories ;)

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