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The alternatives!

Sorry for not writing, I'm finally home again - YAY! I've been back into my gym routine, and gosh am I loving it. Nothing is as satisfying as finishing a big gym workout! I've decided to write about some easy alternatives for food/drink that you can make to be the healthier you! I have (over time) made small changes to my diet, that in turn, make massive differences! I guarantee if you swap these foods for the ones I suggest, you will definitely be on the right path to a happier, healthier you!

The Alternatives
Full cream milk -> Skim Milk -> Almond Milk
Soft drink -> Diet soft drink -> Soda water with lime/lemon/berries
Lollies -> Fruit
Chocolate -> Dark Chocolate -> Almonds
White bread -> Wholemeal bread -> Rye Bread
White rice -> Brown Rice -> Quinoa
Pork -> Kangaroo/Turkey
Cake -> Banana mugcake (will post the recipe soon)
Muffin -> Protein Muffins (same as above)
White Flour -> Wholemeals flour -> Almond Meal 
Juice -> Freshly squeezed juice -> Water 

These are just a few of the alternatives, and I hope they work for you! It may seem hard at first, but you WILL notice changes in your body that you'll love! Until next time!

E xox. 

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