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My supplements.

Hey fitfam!

I get asked so often what protein and other supplements I use, I decided to post it for you all! Below is what I use, and why :) AND I also wanted to remind you guys, I am not qualified in any way to give you this advice! I am just a journalism student who is very interested in fitness and health. I do LOTS of research for my articles, and the advice I give you works for me - remember, everyone is different!

My Supplements
1. Diva Evolve Chocolate Whey Protein 

Firstly, I LOVE the taste of this protein. When you mix it with water, it still comes up all lovely and frothy, like a chocolate milkshake! It is very easy to bake with, and is super low on sugar and carbs, with a high amount of protein per scoop as well! We need protein to help build and replenish muscles! I always have one scoop of this mixed with water in my shaker after a big weights session! I ordered mine online from ASN!

2. Optimum Gold Standard Vanilla Casein

There are a LOT of positive/negative views of casein on the internet, and I really thought long and hard before investing in a big tub of it! This is a great, time-released protein (particularly for women) to take just before you go to bed! It stops your metabolism from slowing down, while helping your little muscles grow during the night! You can mix it in with anything, or make my personal favourite.... a casein vanilla fudge cake - YUM! I ordered mine from iherb.com :)

3. Dfine 8 Pink Lemonade Flavour

This is for those mornings, where you just feel like you have NO energy! Dfine8 is absolutely fantastic for waking you up, and helping burn extra fat! I love the pink lemonade flavour, as it is still very sweet - almost feels like you're having soft drink! Taking a pre-workout means you more energy for the gym, which means heavier weights and higher reps! I bought mine from the ASN website!

4. XTEND watermelon flavour

Xtend is an intra-workout drink, which means you drink it during your workout. Not only does it give you more energy, it contains vital BCCAs that your body needs to function! I never have dfine8 and xtend on the same day though! I like to change it up! The watermelon flavour is SUPER sweet, so if you don't want something as sweet I'd suggest the apple flavour! I got this from iherb.com :)

5. Source Naturals Green Tea Extract Tablets

 Did you know green tea is one of the best weight loss tools? One of these tablets is equivalent to having 6 cups of green tea a day! It is so easy to quickly have one of these in the morning with breakfast, and reap the rewards all day! I must say, ever since I started taking these tablets I really have noticed a bigger shift in my weightloss! Though because they speed your metabolism up, I always seem to be eating! But that is okay, because I'm always nourishing my body with healthy foods :) I bought these from iherb.com :)

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Casein Cakes & Polar Watches

Water, water and more water!