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Iherb - my addiction.

If my posts are a little short this week, please forgive me. I'm in Queensland with my family for a short holiday, so that will certainly not stop me from blogging! In relation to the title, I think I've become addicted to iherb.com. Before you ask, no is is not illegal, and yes it is completely to do with fitness and organic products. Basically, they're an online store that originates from America and ships out all over the world. They sell things at such a cheap rate, I'd see it as criminal not to purchase a few! Here are my favourite things to order from there -

1. Quest Bars -  YUM YUM YUM. These bars are low carb, low sugar, low fat, and have 20g of protein per bar! And they come in lots of different flavours - my favourites are coconut cashew, peanut butter supreme and strawberry cheesecake. If you follow me on Instagram (ellie_louise12), you'll know I use these bars HEAPS. You can blend them up, heat them up, or freeze them!

2. PB2 - This is a very healthy alternative to your normal peanut butter. It comes in a powdered form, meaning you skip the nasties and additives! All you add is water, and voila, you have perfect, creamy peanut butter. You can make it as thick or as thin as you want, and it's another great thing to cook with! I love pouring it on my oats :D

3. Walden Farms - They have released an entire range of CALORIE FREE sauces and toppings.... Yes, I screamed out loud with delight also! At home, I currently have the pancake, chocolate and caramel syrups, as well as the tomato sauce - all with NO sugar and NO calories. They taste great and make your food look pretty! I <3 WF!

If you are considering ordering something off iherb.com, feel free to use my code >>> PKW254 <<< to get 10% off your first order!!

E xox. 

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