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Healthy Snacks.

Are you having one of those days where no matter WHAT you eat, you're not satisfied? I have those days all the time, and that is why I've decided to give you a list of some healthy snacks to have!

Healthy Snacks
- Handful of almonds
- Freshly cut up fruit
- Ryvitas with cottage cheese, tuna, tomato - anything really!
- Pb2 on an apple
- Quest protein bars 
- Greek yoghurt with some fresh berries
- Two minute mugcake
- Celery with Pb2 
- A few pieces of dark chocolate (more than 70% cocoa)
- Frozen banana -> Blend with greek yoghurt (Tastes like soft serve!)
- Can of tuna

These are just a few suggestions, please feel free to comment if you know of any more! I know it's a short list, but I promise they're yummy and (mostly) healthy! 

E xox. 

My eating plan for this week.

The alternatives!