My Guide to Melbourne: What to with 3 days in Melbourne.

Ever thought of travelling to Melbourne? They say it’s the fashion & food capital of Australia, and BOY are they right. Everywhere you look are amazing shopping outlets, incredible hidden bars and cuisines from every culture littering the streets.

In saying all of that, it’s not the food, fashion or fun that makes Melbourne… Melbourne. It’s the people! We didn’t meet one unkind Melbournian, in fact, the vey opposite! Every person we met in Melbourne was willing to help us in some way.

After truly eating our way through various parts of Melbourne, shopping our little hearts out and staying in some LUXE accommodation, I wanted to share my Guide to Melbourne with you all.


Adelphi: The Adelphi Hotel was where we stayed for our first night of the trip, and just totally blew us away. The staff (big shout out to Tutu) were divine and the atmosphere of the entire hotel was so unique.

I’ve written a full review of the Adelphi HERE, but I’ll list a few of the reasons why we chose to stay at the Adelphi. It’s all about location when you’re in Melbs, and the Adelphi is situated right in the CBD. The mini bar is FREE (yep, you’re reading that right) and there is a dessert bar in the lobby of the hotel.

The biggest stand out about the Adelphi is definitely how unique it is. They try to personalise your stay in every way you can, and it’s very different from any other hotel I’ve ever stayed in.


Citadines on Bourke: Location, location, location! Citadines on Bourke was SO central it was ridiculous. You’d step out and the tram line was 50m away, with the main shopping centres being so close you could practically smell the bargains.

If you visit this wonderful hotel, make sure you request a higher room – the view is AMAZING. We stayed in room 12 on level 19, and my goodness I would stay there again in a heartbeat. All that separated my bed and the outside world was a thick glass, wall-to-ceiling window where you could see the whole city from.

I’ve written a full review of Citadines on Bourke HERE and I encourage you to give it a read – especially if you’re after a pretty darn special place to stay in Melbourne that won’t blow your budget.


Om Nom Dessert Bar: When we were told there was a dessert bar in the lobby of the Adelphi hotel, how could we say no!? Known for their unique desserts and mind-blowing cocktails, Om Nom Dessert Bar is a place I’d go back to again and again and again. If you’re looking for a place that specialises in desserts & cocktails, unbelievable service and is located in the lobby of the coolest hotel, you can read my full review HERE.


Hawker Boys: Known for their incredible buns and dumplings, Hawker Boys is a must-do for any trip in Melbourne. The décor is bright, fun & young, and the food is extremely fresh and very affordable with generous servings. If you visit, you HAVE to get some of the fresh prawn rolls. They’re massive and taste ridiculously fresh. 

Progressive Dinner with South Wharf Restaraunts: Ever been to a progressive dinner? Me either, and I have NO idea why. This was such an incredibly fun evening, and an awesome chance to experience the best eateries along South Wharf whilst also meeting new friends.

I’ve written a detailed review HERE, but basically a progressive dinner is where you go to different restaurants for different parts of the meal, and in this case it’s 5. The restaurants we visited were Plus5 bar, BangPop, Meat Market, Akochochin and Bohemian.

It was so much fun and is a must do when in Melbourne, especially if you’re only there for a short trip but want to see as many different places as possible. The best part? It’s right next to the DFO AND on the water, meaning you can do your shopping and then go to a lovely dinner by the water.

New Shanghai: The New Shanghai is in the Melbourne Emporium, and is ridiculously popular. I was so glad we booked ahead, as this seems to be Melbourne’s hottest food spot. As soon as we sat down, it was evident why. The staff were extremely switched on & efficient, the menu was extensive and the atmosphere was buzzing! You can read my full review HERE.


Chin Chin: Everyone had talked about Chin Chin, so it was only natural that we visited. Hidden away on a side street, Chin Chin is possibly the most popular bar in Melbourne.

The cocktail list is extensive, and listed via the four seasons – you can have a cocktail that is light & easy to sip like spring, or something more hearty from their winter menu. We went at possibly the busiest time (9:30pm on a Saturday night) where it was PACKED.

We managed to get a seat at the long table in the downstairs part of the bar, but could barely hear ourselves talk. If I was with a group of friends I’d definitely go to Chin Chin, but possibly not when with just one other person – unless you’re going for the amazing cocktails of course!


Harley House Bar & Grill: We stumbled upon this place accidentally, but boy was it my favourite place to drink in Melbourne. Ever heard of Pisco? Me either, until the very warm host, Joseph, explained to us what it was. He described the spirit as “If vodka & tequila had a baby”, and he couldn’t have been more accurate.

I had a Pisco Sour (egg white, pisco, sugar & lemon juice) and mum had a mango pisco sour, and OH BOY. Absolutely delicious. I’m now on a quest to track down a Pisco bar in Sydney! The service here was pretty unbelievable, and on a Saturday night at peak time there was still enough room to sit down, hear ourselves talk and be quite comfortable.

The mood lighting is on point, and the bar is decorated with beautiful portraits that the part owner Vincent Fantauzzo (Asher Keddie’s husband!) has painted himself, including an original of Asher Keddie.


Cubescape Evictus Rooms: When we were offered the chance to attend Melbourne’s first Exitus Escape Room, called Cubescape, there was no way we could say no. With extremely modern technology and one of the most thrilling hours of my life, I’ve written a full review HERE for you to have a read of.

Let me just say, this was the most fun we had ALL trip and it really does challenge you to use your brain and logic. 

Eureka Tower with Skydeck: Last but certainly not least, the Eureka Tower. The Tower is an absolute must-do when visiting the fashion capital of Australia, Melbourne. The views were absolutely breathtaking and the staff were super friendly.

Floor to ceiling windows show off the impressive views, and the 360 clear walkway around the 88th floor is seriously stunning. We decided to take part in both the photo opportunities, which were SO worth it. The first was photos where we pretended to be walking on a tightrope outside (with a green screen) which were loads of fun, and the second was THE EDGE, where you go into a frosted room that is then thrusted THREE metres over the edge and suddenly all the windows become clear and WOAH. You can see everything, and every part of that room is clear.

Looking down from the 88th floor was definitely scary, but so worth it. I love anything that provides a thrill, and The Edge is an experience like no other. Have a look at our funny photos below.

I hope this guide helps you next time you travel to Melbourne, because I certainly enjoyed each and every place and appreciated the beautiful place that Melbourne is. Please leave any comments or suggestions in the comments as I’ll be going back sooner rather than later!

Disclaimer: Portions of this trip were famils, but this did not change my opinion about any of them at all. What I have written is the genuine truth and has not influenced my opinion on the places I have visited.