EAT: Om Nom Dessert Bar

Hidden away in the lobby of the Adelphi Hotel, there is a dessert bar like no other. Transporting you to a private dessert parlous with the divine scent of white musk filtrating through the room, the Om Nom Dessert Bar will delight each and every one of your senses.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this… we had the BEST cocktails of our entire life at this place. I had the Salted Caramel Crackling Espresso, which was served with liquid nitrogen physically poured over the cocktail. I wish there was such a thing as screen-taste-a-vision, because it was so damn good. Made with spike vodka, salted caramel, kahlua, cold pressed espresso, caramel & chocolate nitro charged foam, this cocktail will probably change your life.

I’ve never been to a dessert bar, and don’t think I’ll ever go to one quite as spectacular as Om Nom. The menu is extensive, and each dessert has been perfectly curated for flavour explosion & they are all visually delightful.

I had the chocatarium, which received a collective ‘oooooo’ from other customers as it was brought to our table in a giant glass fish jar/tank contraption. It actually looked WAY too pretty to eat, and was made of cinnamon churros, chocolate ‘gravel’ pistachio sponge, raspberry sponge, vanilla ice cream, white chocolate, berry compote, milk foam, caramlised white chocolate mousse and a whipped raspberry ganache.

Mum ordered the tasting paddle, which had 7 divine tiny desserts that we inhaled. From their signature Mango Alfonso to the Om Nom Choc bomb, our tasting paddle was a taste sensation. Our waitress explained that each and every time the tasting paddle is different, hence why there are no specific dishes listed on the menu. I'd highly suggest getting the tasting plate if you can't make up your mind, because this way you get to experience a little bit of everything.

If there was only one place in Melbourne that you HAVE to visit, it truly is the Om Nom Dessert Bar. Go on, #treatyourself. You can find out more about the dessert bar HERE.